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Dua Lipa and Her Debut Album Bring Something New to the Pop Table

June 4, 20175 min read

After many unfortunate push-backs and months of patiently waiting, Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album is finally here, and our ears could not be more thankful. The 21-year-old newcomer originally from Kosovo has been making waves in the industry for almost two years now, having Be The One hit the Top 10 in the UK Charts and be a great success all throughout Europe, and now she solidifies her presence in the genre with a full-length studio album that is just as versatile and cool as she is.

The hour-long piece kicks off with fan favorite Genesis, and Lipa does not miss the first opportunity to showcase her unique vocals in a track that is based on biblical references and leaves the listener with a lot of expectations. Later, singles Last Dance and Hotter Than Hell immediately get you off of your seat and make you start dancing to lyrics such as “Crying you ain’t with him / And it’s flooding the whole city / While my soul’s burning like a cigarette”, which perfectly reflect her songwriting abilities and how well they can fit in a pop record.

IDGAF and Blow Your Mind (Mwah) are the two most in-your-face, sassy songs in the album. In both cases, she raises her middle finger: in the first one, by getting over someone for good; and in the second, to show she is in control. “Mwah” is empowering as hell, and it has one of the best choruses of 2016 that could definitely categorize it as pop perfection.

In the second half of the album, Thinking ‘Bout You shines: it is a ballad that focuses on a guitar and Miss Lipa’s voice, giving it a twist and making it catchy and relaxing at the same time. In the past, the English songstress has described her music as “dark pop”, which can be clearly seen and heard in Room For 2: a mysterious and haunting track that is definitely one of a kind, and a personal favorite of mine.

For the record, Dua chose very carefully her collaborators, and she hit the right spot. Lost in Your Light features Miguel, whose voice adds to the very present R&B vibe and blends in with her in the best way. Homesick was co-written by Coldplay‘s very own Chris Martin (and you can also hear his voice a few times), being the only song that is 100% a ballad, accompanied by a very powerful piano and closing the album for good.

Dua Lipa undoubtedly serves its purpose: it innovates in the genre with a new and completely unique brand. The newcomer is just one of the many young singers that are trying to make it into the industry, and her try is as successful as it is genuine. She is slowly building her fanbase, she is making statements, she is releasing something fresh and likable and she is being a real pop star in her own way. Her path has just begun and it is very promising, we now have to sit back and watch her take the world by storm; she is very capable of doing so, and she just proved it.

“By shielding myself through music I’ve been able to create this overly confident persona that can say anything and is not afraid of it. It’s made me feel empowered, and from the songs I’ve released, the fans have come back and told me that they feel empowered by it. If I’m able to use music as a shield, I’ll just keep doing that.” – Dua Lipa in an interview with The New York Times.

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