Now Reading: Wonder Woman Takes Over Box Office Sales Earning $223 Million Globally


Wonder Woman Takes Over Box Office Sales Earning $223 Million Globally

June 4, 20172 min read

Challenging Hollywood’s ever-present gender problem, DC film, Wonder Woman debuts with a domestic gross of 100 million dollars from 4,165 theater locations. This makes the film the highest scorer for an opening weekend according to Forbes. Being directed by a woman, the film hits historic records in terms of its box office sales. Wonder Woman derailed the projections detailing the film’s seeming failure during opening weekend, something that had haunted prior films centering around a heroine like CatWoman, which grossed 40 million dollars domestically. Adding the global gross to the mix, Wonder Woman takes home 223 million dollars in box office sales, especially in China where the film is currently debuting at #1.

With the success of Wonder Woman, Hollywood looks to be pressured to highlight stronger female roles and hire more women to direct films that are seemingly projected to otherwise fail. Wonder Woman is placed on a pedestal amongst the 16 other superhero films, like Captain America: Civil War and Iron Man 3, who have some of the highest domestic grosses upon their opening weekend.

Former holder of the top gross sales at opening weekend was Sam Taylor’s novel adaption film Fifty Shades of Grey, which grossed 85 million dollars. And while there may be a reference to the Gotham vigilante in the film, Wonder Woman takes the glory of the sales personally seeing as it is the only other DC Comics film to be successful without forcing on an appearance by Batman or Superman.

While most superhero movies pull in a movie-goer attendance that is comprised primarily of males (at least 60 percent), Wonder Woman pulled in a 52 percent female audience, according to The Hollywood Report.

With the success of  Wonder Woman, there are hopes for more women to start directing bigger projects and films to feature strong female characters.

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