October 3, 20171 min read

During a long road trip, I thought about how everyone can only see certain parts of each other’s lives. And I came to the conclusion that everyone else’s lives seem to have the piece of clarity that your life is missing, but only because they are pretending that they are not missing a piece of clarity that your life has.

Dysfunction is a common factor among all lives, and this poem speaks to dysfunction’s ability to both conceal and expel itself. “Dysfunction” is the reworking of the cliche ideology behind “everything is not what it seems.”

It’s hidden for others.

It’s explicit for some.

Mom says, “No one else goes through this!”

But it knows otherwise,

It knows the truth.

Because it is dysfunction,

How silly of you! There’s no need for a questioning assumption,

Yes, it’s true! It bludgeons everyone and everything.

Families, marriages and friendships with it are so often ridden.

You can try it too! As dysfunction shows no bias!

So put on a smile, and try your best to act smitten

While dysfunction beats you over the head

You won’t miss it as it falls on you from the top of the ceiling.

A most treacherous entrenchment is with what you are dealing.

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Clay Morris

Clay Morris is a 15-year-old who enjoys reminiscing about the early 2000s, dreaming of being on the front rows of fashion shows, fighting for social justice, and writing about any and everything. P.S. Clay also has a Mariah Carey obsession.