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What YouTube Means to These Black British YouTubers

October 3, 20177 min read

YouTube is a platform where people of all races and backgrounds can express themselves in so many creative ways using videos. YouTube means something different to each individual, as they all use YouTube as an outlet for something special to them.

I’ve noticed that whenever we talk about black content creators on YouTube, there isn’t enough light shed on my fellow creators from Britain. I had the opportunity to reach out to a few black British Youtubers, including Han from The Han Aesthetic, Josiah Hyacinth aka Mr200m, The Melateers and Aliyah Maria Bee, to ask them what Youtube means to them.

Aliyah Maria Bee

“Hi, my names Aliyah, also known as Aliyah Maria Bee. I’m 21 years old, and my life began when I dropped out of university. Leaving university after five weeks of attending was the best decision I made in my life. Of course, it was scary, especially having African parents, but they were understating, I just said “F it” and started living for me — I took a risk.

I had a passion for YouTube a long time ago; it was just about actually getting up and doing it. I saved up for my first camera, working three jobs the summer before I started Youtube. Now I’m almost two years strong in the Youtube industry, and I’ve gained 100,000+ lovely subscribers that give me unconditional support and love.

I started Youtube to help people — especially younger girls. I wish I had that helpful older sister growing up, and I just wanted to be that example for younger girls across the globe. I love helping people; it brings me so much joy to see that I’ve touched a life through youtube videos. It’s crazy.

Starting Youtube also brought me opportunities like working with L’oréal, Redbull and Lifetime TV as well as being featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Elle UK. I also have my own radio show on Radar Radio, and I’m so grateful and blessed to be where I am.

My advice to young people that want to get into my industry is to get up and do what you want. Everyone has a dream at the back of their mind that they’re not pursuing. The thing is, you’re already the person you want to be, you just have to go do it.”

Click here to check out Aliyah’s channel.

Josiah Hyacinth aka Mr200m

“I am Josiah Hyacinth. I’m an enthusiastic, hardworking individual who aims to inspire in all I do. I am a sprinter, Entrepreneur and creator. I look at Youtube as an open platform where you can imagine, create and innovate. It’s a great platform for connecting with people, inspiring people and more so exploring our ever mysterious creative side.

My Youtube journey has been interesting, not only on the external side that people see, but the side that isn’t seen so much, such as an increase in confidence, a growing avenue of opportunities and the hours of hard work behind the camera. It’s made me really value time and — more importantly — manage time more easily.

One thing I am really grateful for on Youtube is the fact that it’s limitless — I can challenge adversity head on. I can question anything in a space which requires nothing from me but me. If that makes sense. Youtube for me is limitless.”

Click here to check out Josiah’s channel.

Han from The Han Aesthetic

“Hi, my name is Han from The Han Aesthetic channel on YouTube, and I’m an alternative lifestyle content creator — which is just a nice way of saying I’m a bit weird! To me YouTube is a platform where I can express myself and connect with those who have the same mindset or interests; I get to share my little section of the universe, and of course, show you guys my aesthetic through not only fashion and makeup, but the way I paint the world around me. My goal through my channel is to encourage people to be true to themselves, love what they do and do what they love!”

Click here to check out Han’s channel.

The Melateers

“We are The Melateers, we’re three best friends from South East London who started our YouTube journey at the beginning of the year. We recently surpassed 1K subscribers and have gained much more since then and have received over 40K views on our videos.

We started our channel in February, and the response and engagement have been amazing. When creating our channel we aimed to provide people with entertainment while inspiring teenagers especially and people of our age group to follow their dreams, think outside the box and not conform to social norms.

YouTube for us is a platform to show our creativity in different ways, whether that’s shown through the editing of our videos or merely just the content. It’s a dream come true, and we’re still growing and can’t wait for what’s in store for us.”

Click here to check out The Melateers channel.

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