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Female Artists to Listen to After a Bad Breakup

April 21, 20174 min read

Breakups can be hard, especially when they aren’t amicable or mutual. It can be hard over someone who was once a large and significant part of your life, but solidarity and proof that others have experienced the same or similar thing and survived can help you push past the suffocating emotions of a breakup and make it to the other side. Music is just one outlet that can make you acutely aware that others have experienced heartbreak and lived to tell the tale. The music of these three female artists is a testament that you can grow and become better from your heartache.

chapter one: blue by Bea Miller

This eighteen year-old singer, songwriter was first recognized for her vocal abilities after appearing on the second season of the American version of The X-Factor.

Her newest EP, chapter one: blue,  was released on February 24, 2017 and includes three songs: song like you, burning bridges, and i can’t breathe. In an interview with Billboard, Miller said that “Chapter Two: Blue is about about the sadness that comes with realizing that someone in your life is not good for you.”

The songs on the EP are good for the waves of heartache that come with a new breakup. They provoke a deep sadness, but simultaneously calm you down.

Bea Miller has said that two more EPs are set to release this year.

Additional Song Recommendation: yes girl

The Altar by Banks

Another singer and songwriter, Banks released her second album The Altar on September 16, 2016. The album is comprised of 13 songs that satisfy all five stages of grief. The tracklist exemplifies Banks’ confidence and newfound self love.

The two tracks that standout on the album are Weaker Girl and Mother Earth, the former blends and musically leads into the latter seamlessly. Banks stated that she wrote the song Weaker Girl from the perspective of a wounded healer and Mother Earth when she was coming out of a depression and said that “I gave that song to myself because I needed that song. It’s not a song shitting on anything—it’s a song of healing and wanting. ‘Follow me, and when you fall, follow me.’ Coming together. Me being the healer, almost. I wanted to give my energy and hold the hand of another woman who has felt how I feel.”

The Altar will help you feel empowered and understood in an isolating and saddening period of your life.

Additional Song Recommendation: Goddess 

SweetSexySavage by Kehlani 

Kehlani has shown undeniable strength and resilience throughout the last year and is an example for many girls struggling with self-worth and emotional turmoil after a bad relationship. After a suicide attempt in March of last year, Kehlani went on to release her debut studio album SweetSexySavage on January 27, 2017, which follows the Grammy nominated mixtape she released in 2015. Kehlani was the lead writer on eighteen tracks out of the nineteen released (Intro was written by Reyna Biddy, another musical artist).

The best songs off the album for personal emotional healing are Advice and Piece of Mind, which both detail the path to finding your own self-worth and creating an identity separate to a significant other.

Additional Song Recommendation: 24/7

Breakups are hard, but these female artists are sure to relieve some of the heartache that comes with the territory of falling out of love. Use the recommended songs as positive affirmations that it will get better and excavate all the negative emotions you have about yourself and let go of the past.

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