Now Reading: Four Indian Daily Soaps You Must Watch Right Now!


Four Indian Daily Soaps You Must Watch Right Now!

June 19, 20184 min read

These four shows demonstrate and explore many societal issues, and in some ways, use the television platform as a way to convey a stronger message.

1.  Piya Albela- Zee Tv

This show is literally titled ” Unique Lover,” and its storyline and characters really do make it unique. The series focuses on the main leads Naren (Akshay Mharte) and Pooja (Sheen Dass), and their complicated, twisted love relationship. However, it also discusses serious societal issues including rape, domestic abuse, and infidelity. All these obstacles ultimately prove time and time again how Naren’s and Pooja’s love is truly unique and tenacious.

2. Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehasaas Ki – Colors TV

Rubina Dilak stars as a brave transgender woman existing in a society where she is cast away and unaccepted. The title which translates to “Strength: A feeling of existence” is well put as this show highlights the daily challenges and struggles of Dilak’s character, Soumya, and her trials and fights within society. The audience can watch Soumya strive towards her own freedom and independence.

3. Ishqbaaz- Star Plus

This series relatively focuses on the main leads, Shivaay (Nakkul Metha) and Annika (Surbhi Chanda). The storyline intends to merge love with issues and hardships, specifically as to how society plays an immense role in viewing the posh lifestyle. In the show, which has a title meaning “Lovers,” the importance of true love and how nothing can change it is emphasized. It has explored matters like the #Metoo movement–a movement where sexual harassment and assault victims were encouraged to speak up–and other controversial issues like “triple talaq.” Triple talaq is a highly debated topic in the Islamic community, as it is a way for men to easily divorce their spouse. The man must simply say the phrase “talaq” three times, and is the Arabic word for “divorce.” It is often misused and remains as an extremely debated topic, thus why this television show aims to disown the practice.

4. Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop- Colors TV

This beautiful show is set to redefine what it means to be a man. It signals how a boy can play and do the same things as his counterparts, yet still be considered masculine. The title which means “Roop — New Form of Man,” relates to the titular character eight-year-old boy, Roop. The young character breaks tradition and questions the norms of a male-dominated society that dictates how men and women should behave. It focuses on how men can be effeminate and no one can take away one’s own sexual identity. It is a fairly new show attempting to disband the stereotypical views of what it means to be a man in India. Not every man needs to “act manly” or “be buff” in order to feel accepted or viewed as themselves.

As India continues modernizing, many believe the television platform allows actors, producers and others in the industry to showcase many significant arguments and issues in need of more discussion.

With new ideas, concepts and issues emerging every day in society, these shows are working towards representing them.

Cover Image Courtesy of Colors TV/Instagram

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