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Four Netflix Documentaries You Should Watch

April 2, 20174 min read

Sometimes you’re in the mood to watch a show or a movie, or maybe you want to watch something intriguing and riveting. A documentary may be a good idea, so here are some documentaries you can watch on Netflix.

  • Audrie & Daisy

TW: sexual abuse & suicide

This Netflix documentary tells the story of two young girls, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who had been victims of sexual assaults following a series of leaked videos and photos and cyberbullying. While Daisy had to fight a legal battle, Audrie wasn’t strong enough and committed suicide.

Emotionally draining, the documentary hits you hard, making you sad and angry because not only a lot of people blamed the victims (who were only 15 and 14 years old respectively), but also because the abusers didn’t face the punishment they should have had.

An amazing documentary, winner of a Women Film Critics Circle Award, it’s a must watch for everyone, but not when having a bad day nor alone because it’s definitely not a happy story.

  • She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Inspiring. That’s the only word I can think off to talk about this documentary. It basically tells the story of the second wave of feminism movement from first hand because almost all the women involved are still alive and they give amazing testimonies of their fight. It’s U.S.-centric, but that doesn’t really matter because today’s feminism is very present around the world.

It’s pretty basic for someone who already knows about feminism but really educational for those who don’t. Also it has an old archive of the whole movement at that time which is really interesting. It also touches on racism and homophobia.

It was an overall empowering documentary, it makes you want to go to the streets and fight for your rights, especially since a lot of the stuff they were fighting for back them are the same things we are still fighting for to this day.

“You can’t convince me you can’t change the world because I saw it happen” – Mary Jean Collins

  • The Ivory Game

Illegal hunting, guns, secret agents and investigators. The Ivory Game shows the fight against illegal traffic of ivory, traveling between Africa (where they kill an elephant every 15 minutes) and China (the only country where ivory is legal and the biggest black market in the world). The documentary follows the search of “Shetani”, one of the most wanted elephant killers and the work of Wildleaks, a site against wildlife hunting where their people go undercover to gather evidence against illegal ivory.

An educational documentary, beautifully filmed and very entertaining. While watching you will get angered but at the end the hope of making a change it’s the protagonist.

  • Chef’s Table

This series follows a famous chef per episode, telling their story and the approach they are doing of food, showing beautiful food and moments. It’s pretty lighthearted, 45 minutes long each episode, but the photography and the way it’s filmed are beautiful; so many colors and the difference between the chefs makes you want to keep watching. Their stories are inspiring and watching people doing what they love and being successful at it gives you a warm feeling. 

If you want to watch something nice and have a good time, this is your choice.

Educative, sad, inspiring and even entertaining, documentaries give us a look at what is happening, or happened, in the world. Eye-opening, they are something everyone can enjoy.

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