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Gina Rodriguez Is Funding A Scholarship Instead of Her Emmy Ads

June 26, 20182 min read

With FYC (for your consideration) season in full swing, different programs on both television and online platforms aim for a slot in Emmy nominations. Gina Rodriguez however, star of the CW’s Jane the Virgin, decided to spend her advertisement money towards something else.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the 33-year-old actress would dedicate her money to a scholarship fund for an undocumented Latinx student going to an Ivy League institution.

Our show has always jumped at any opportunity to help me do something for the Latinx community. So I asked my showrunner, Jennie [Snyder Urman], if we could do something different with the money this year. -Gina to Hollywood Reporter

Rodriguez’s partnership with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles helped the group encounter the perfect applicant. The recipient will be attending Princeton without the stress of paying off student loans or college debt. Student loans, like a large portion of the American public, is something Rodriguez is all too familiar with. Last year on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actress shared how she only finished paying off her student loans for NYU the day she found out she was nominated for her second Golden Globe award.

College education is so expensive, but it’s so necessary. I would never change it for the world but yes, it took me way too long. -Gina on the The Late Show.

She originally hesitated to share the news with the public, but now hopes others will feel inspired and follow with similar actions. “You can desire recognition and, at the same time, decide to not play in the confines of the game as it’s set up.” -Gina to Hollywood Reporter

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