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We Need To Stop Caring About Which Kardashian is Pregnant

September 29, 20173 min read

The Kardashians are a very well known family in the United States and globally. Ten years ago, E! started the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which followed the lives of Kim Kardashian and her four sisters, mother/momager, step-dad (at the time) and brother. With the continued popularity of the show, these young women have become influencers to the global community. These women have very successful businesses, start fashion trends, attend many elite events; they seem unstoppable!

The thing is about this family is that although they made a name for themselves in pop culture, they do absolutely nothing to benefit society. None of these women are activists or speak about movements such as #BlackLivesMatter or even the LGBTQ+ community. Not every person has to be outspoken on certain social justice issues, but when you have millions of followers, it should be an obligation to inform their followers about what is happening around the world.

Despite their lack of speaking on current events, the Kardashians are absolutely everywhere. Every day there is some type of news about them on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc… Just today on Snapchat there were articles called, “Kim can’t cope with Kylie News,” “Knocking Up the Kardashians,” “Better Travis than Tyga” and “Khloe is Pregnant!!!” So, why do we care so much about this family?

This week, People Magazine announced that Kylie was pregnant, because a close source told them so. Kylie Jenner has not confirmed anything. Why should we care if Kylie Jenner is pregnant? She’s twenty years old and has enough financial needs to raise hundreds of children. The Kardashians feed off publicity, and if there isn’t a story about them everyday, it seems that they can’t cope. The longer that the Kardashians don’t confirm any of the alleged pregnancies, the more press they get about the rumors.

The more press the Kardashians receive from reviews on their products to negative opinions, the more they profit. The more their name is in the news, and they are still “relevant.” Society is feeding into this family, making them more rich and relevant, despite the fact they aren’t benefitting the masses aside from entertainment.

We need to stop caring about their pregnancies, because we wouldn’t care if the stranger that we see occasionally is pregnant. There are so many other women we should follow who are making huge strives in society…TIME magazine did a whole issue about individuals who were the first women in their field to make a difference, win an award or achieve a high standard.

Let’s stop “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and actually put our energy and time into reading about what’s happening in the world as well as the people who are actually making a difference.

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Christina Corbisiero

Christina Corbisiero is a teenage writer from New York. She's been writing on her blog since she was twelve years old, and has no plans in stopping. In high school, she was co-president of her school's feminism club, co-chair of the school's gender equality summit, and an active member of the field hockey team, book club, and choir. She's an activist for human rights and equality, and hopes that she can continuing advocating for people throughout her whole life. When she's not writing or doing school work, you can find her binge watching Netflix or Youtube videos.