Now Reading: Harry Styles Surprises Fans With New Track “Watermelon Sugar” and Comedic Talent on SNL


Harry Styles Surprises Fans With New Track “Watermelon Sugar” and Comedic Talent on SNL

November 17, 20196 min read

“I’m Harry Styles, treat people with kindness!”

On November 16, Harry Styles joined the notable list of celebrities when he hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live.

Fans, who anticipated the start of the comedy night show, were surprised with the release of Styles’s new song “Watermelon Sugar” just minutes before SNL aired.

The song starts instantaneously with Harry’s clear, crisp voice as he croons about “strawberries on  summer evening,” — lyrics that were hinted at via Harry’s interactive name generator, “Do You Know Who You Are? 

Styles showcases his undeniable talent as he beautifully sings through the pre-chorus. The lyrics “breathe me in, breathe me out,” are accompanied by a gentle guitar riff then followed by the continued refrain, “watermelon sugar high.” 

The song, entirely unlike Styles’s recently released single “Lights Up” (and his debut self-entitled album as a whole), completely encompasses late summer afternoons spent dancing through the grass. The song is fun, playful, and though unlike Styles’s previous tracks, entirely like him. The song easily environs the mood for the new album, giving fans a little sneak peek at what the rest of the album will look like.

Either way, it can be confirmed without a doubt that Styles’s talent as a singer-songwriter only continues to multiply.

Fans of the singer-songwriter were surely shocked at the sudden release of this song which was immediately followed by his hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live.

As for the show, Styles certainly did not disappoint viewers. Decked out in yellow pants, a gray blazer, and pink and blue nails to match his album cover, Styles started the show with a hilarious opening skit. Sitting by a piano, the previous One Direction member reminisced about his days spent in the band, referring to the remaining members of the band as his “brothers.” Styles also took this as his chance to take a playful jab at Zayn Malik (who first retreated from the band in 2015) and referred to the previous 1D member as “Ringo.”

Harry then went onto star in nearly every skit during the show. From an intern, to a chihuahua, to an Icelandic soon-to-be-father, a pilot, a drug dealer, a social media strategist with a bit of issues, a newspaper boy, and a funeral DJ, Styles spotted numerous wigs and countless accents.

The singer also sported a ballerina look that certainly caught the attention of countless fans online. Known for constantly breaking gender barriers, Styles exuded the utmost confidence for this bold look.

Showing off his comedic side, Styles certainly aimed to impress with his duty as host, a guest star in the skits, and a performer.

Performing his initial single “Lights Up,” Styles appeared decked out in a sparkly black suit that certainly brought back memories of all of Styles’s impeccable suits during Harry Styles Live On Tour. The performance was later followed by a live performance of “Watermelon Sugar High” where Styles dressed in a fashionable red suit and sang the brand new single for the first time live. Getting into the song, Styles and the rest of his band members grooved around stage, letting the catchy song completely take over.

Viewers at home went wild over the song, immediately taking to the new single.

Ending with a polite thank you to all who starred, Styles wrapped up with a singular sentence that essentially describes his entire brand: “I’m Harry Styles, treat people with kindness!”

The well-known phrase is one that fans of the singer-songwriter know well—possibly like the back of their hand. They can look forward to soon hearing the famous slogan repeated again and again soon enough once Styles embarks on his second world tour in order to promote his upcoming sophomore album: Fine Line. 

Styles announced the aforementioned tour—Love On Tour—just days ago and immediately sent fans into a frenzy.

I think it’s safe to say without a doubt that after Styles’s flawless SNL performances, fans are more excited than ever to see the twenty-five-year-old star tour again.

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