Now Reading: Ne-Yo Recieves Critizism After Leaving Ex-Fiancee Who Agreed To Permanent Sterilization


Ne-Yo Recieves Critizism After Leaving Ex-Fiancee Who Agreed To Permanent Sterilization

January 6, 20184 min read

As pictures of Ne-Yo posing with his pregnant wife, Crystal Smith, began circulating around social media in late October of 2017, the couple was not greeted with support and excitement as many expecting celebrities are. After the birth of this second child with ex-fiancee, Monyetta Shaw, the former couple had agreed to go through permanent sterilization to rule out the chances of them having more children in the future. Shaw kept her end of the bargain and had her tubes tied, however, Ne-Yo did not follow through with the vasectomy he had promised and later called off his engagement to Shaw. Since the news of this broken agreement has reached Twitter, fans are furious and accuse him of betraying his ex-fiancee. However, some argue that the permanent sterilization was her decision and that Ne-Yo should be left out of it. Monyetta Shaw has had two children prior to her sterilization and has not publicly expressed any regret since the procedure. In fact, since Smith and Ne-Yo announced that they are expecting, Shaw has been nothing but supportive on social media, and even posted a message of congratulations to the couple on her Instagram.

The biggest complication in this story is that Ne-yo’s reasoning behind suggesting permanent sterilization for the couple was that he did not want to have any more children. Because he has now had two more children with Crystal Smith following his break with Monyetta Shaw, fans are accusing him of hypocrisy and of manipulating his ex-fiancee.

Although Ne-Yo is the one being accused of manipulating and leaving Monyetta Shaw, she has received way more criticism on Twitter than he has. Instead of showing compassion to each other, as Smith, Shaw, and Ne-Yo have, fans are quick to point fingers at who’s fault the situation is, even though all three of them appear to be supportive of each other.

Because no one involved has come through with criticism or blame directed at each other, it is hard to say if they are remaining drama-free for the sake of public appearances, or if the three of them are truly happy with their situation. Regardless, speculation will only lead us to incorrect assumptions. Due to Shaw’s positive nature surrounding the situation, it is quite possible that she personally decided not to have any more children, without the influence of Ne-Yo’s personal opinions. Ultimately, she is in charge of her reproductive decisions and any decision she came to on her own should be respected and not questioned. So until anyone comes forward with their side of the story, a conclusion cannot be drawn and no one should be blamed.

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