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Harry Styles Wows In Elton John Halloween Costume

October 27, 20184 min read

When it comes to clothes, the outfits that the twenty-four year old former One Direction singer Harry Styles chooses to wear are always outstanding and pretty hard to forget. Ranging from Gucci to Calvin Klein, Styles has certainly proved his taste in clothes to be impeccable. Halloween is certainly no exception for the singer songwriter when it comes to his unforgettable costumes, including memorable celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and recently Elton John.

Every year at the annual Casamigos Halloween party thrown by George Clooney, actors, actresses, musicians and models all show up to dazzle in flawless costumes at one of the most talked about events of the year.

This year, Harry Styles took a moments break from his impeccable Gucci suits and stepped out to the Los Angeles party decked out in a sparkly Dodgers costume inspired by no other than Elton John which certainly got a lot of people talking.

Photograph by Kevin Mazur

In 1975, Elton John performed live at the Dodger Stadium to countless people where he charmed in a decorative blue and white outfit, the word “Dodgers” stamped and underlined on the front in blue and accompanied by a red number “1.”

Photograph by Terry O’Neill

On October 26, Styles proved just how stunning he also looks in the outfit. In a lavish white suit with blue sleeves and a blue belt to match, Styles was photographed with many other famous icons including Rande Gerber dressed as David Bowie and Cindy Crawford dressed as Blondie.

Photo via harrystylesupdates_news on Instagram

With his signature rings on nearly every finger and a pair of sparkly sunglasses, Styles posed for cameras with his tongue out, proving to be having a great time.

Photograph by Kevin Mazur

When word of Styles’s outfit was released on Twitter, ultimately followed by numerous photographs of the musician in his sparkly costume, fans took to social media to share their excitement.

Some fans also stopped to take note of the effect of Harry’s outfit choice. Having been an incredibly famous gay icon and continuing to be one to this day, Elton John has inspired many throughout his largely successful music career. And now, with Styles sporting an outfit identical to that of John’s, fans commented on the positive impact this would have on the LGBTQ community which Styles has continued to openly support  again and again.

However, Harry has proved himself to have a penchant for dressing up as notable celebs. In 2013, the singer songwriter dressed up as Miley Cyrus from her well-known VMAs performance.

Styles also performed as Mick Jagger in a skit on Saturday Night Live, once again demonstrating for fans just how easy it is for him to resemble countless notable celebrities.

The Casamigos Halloween bash tends to last for about three days and already fans are speculating Styles’s next outfit choice, with a lot of support being garnered for him dressing up as Freddie Mercury or David Bowie.

Who do you think Harry Styles will dress up as next?

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