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Hate Loves Someone – Arts + Culture

Hate Loves Someone

February 20, 20181 min read

This is a poem about the everyday feelings of people in the world. We all love someone, and we all hate someone — it is part of life.

No one loves hate,

But hate loves someone

And anyone.

What hate does can never be undone.

Anyone lives in an okay world,

But someone lives in a dreadful one.

Never see anyone smile,

Always see someone run.

Never know where someone is ever going,

But it does not seem fun at all.

Anyone can keep going,

But someone will hit a wall.

No one loves hate.

It tears anyone apart,

What hate does can never be undone,

And always damages someone’s heart.

What if I told you a story?

All about someone who loved anyone.

What if I told you someone’s dying?

Since anyone realized they’re not the one.

What if I told you someone is sorry —

Would anyone talk to someone one more time?

No matter the circumstances,

Someone is treated like it was all a crime.

And it will never be anyone’s fault.