Dorothy Walker

  • February 20, 2018By Dorothy Walker

    This is a poem about the everyday feelings of people in the world. We all love someone, and we all hate someone — it is part of life. No one loves hate, But hate loves someone And anyone. What hate does can never be undone. Anyone lives in an okay world, But someone lives in

  • February 18, 2018By Dorothy Walker

    Content Warning: Abuse, Alcoholism This is a poem about a father who is an alcoholic and abuses his daughter. Naturally, she is conflicted about what to do and has to first discern her feelings. It is hard to love an alcoholic; but it is even harder to not love your father. I was afraid of

  • January 13, 2018By Dorothy Walker

    Trigger Warning: This piece is about a father raping his daughter. Those that are subjects to rape are often too nervous to speak up, because they feel that others will say it was their fault. Rape is a prominent issue in society today, and it is much too common. His hands are strong And I

  • January 2, 2018By Dorothy Walker

    This is a poem about a girl that has been raped at a bar that her father took her to. Her mother had a plan for her daughter; she followed this plan until one part of it fell through, and her life came crashing down. This poem was written to raise awareness for rape and

  • December 29, 2017By Dorothy Walker

    This is a poem from the perspective of a teen who wants to commit suicide. Suicide is an issue that happens too often, and many parents and loved ones find themselves coming home to letters like these. This piece was written to raise awareness for suicide. Dear mom and dad, You said you loved me

  • December 17, 2017By Dorothy Walker

    This is a poem about the reoccurring struggles that are present in social life and society. Raising awareness for these problems are important for the years to come so the future generations do not have to deal with these same issues.   Welcome to society. Where girls are never skinny enough, And boys are never

  • December 13, 2017By Dorothy Walker

    This is a poem about a young girl begging her father to not abuse her anymore. She has been abused by her father for years now, and she just wants him to love her. There are many children that have abusive parents but have been too scared to speak up about what has been happening