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How Sebastian Olzanski’s Sold Out His Own Show At Just 19-Years-Old

September 7, 20186 min read

If you tend to support pop artists on social media, Sebastian Olzanski’s name might sound familiar to you. In fact, this 19-years-old singer gained popularity through social media such as Vine, Youtube or Twitter. In an interview with us, he explained that his interest in music was born thanks to his mom, who brought him to concerts, and that it grew stronger when he reached 12 years old and joined quire classes at his school. He also stated that Justin Bieber inspired him to create Youtube videos and grow his audience the way he did. Indeed, his cover of “Love Yourself”, posted on his account has earned over 100k views.

“I absolutely love the way music makes me feel. It gives me many different emotions that I love to experience. Music also helps me remember things from my past for some reason.”

Sebastian also told us he looks up to Jon Bellion when it comes to music, especially his original style: “it inspires me every single day to keep creating and working harder. He came from nothing to a massive audience and incredible songs and that really inspires me.”

On his day-to-day life, however, Ansel Elgort’s style and personality attract him more: “He gives me a very care-free and hard worker personality which has helped me to keep working hard and figure out what things I could start wearing for clothing haha. He’s a great dude !”

The young singer shared that he both writes his own songs and works with writers and that he does not produce them, although he would love to. To this day, he has released many singles, some covers some originals, sometimes featuring other artists, and an EP on his streaming platforms.

“I would say that my work has a lot of variety, some songs are very poppy, some songs are very melodic and slow and some give me quite that R&B vibe that I absolutely love.” 

Although his latest single, “For You”, wasn’t inspired by anything in particular, Sebastian’s only EP, “Finding Me”, that contains “all the varieties of music [he] love[s]” has a more specific meaning: “This EP means the start of my career. I called it “finding me” because I was and currently am finding my sound […] This EP marks the beginning.”

Olzanski has supporters from Europe to South America, by way of the US. He, indeed, comes from Argentina and is bilingual, a characteristic that is included in his discography with songs like “Como Quisiera”. He told us “[he] absolutely love[s] going back to [his] Spanish roots and creating music that way.”.

We also asked him about tour, more specifically, his favorite thing about it, and his answer is consistent with his social media presence:

« My favourite thing about tour is to get to see the people that support me, I absolutely adore them and it means the world that I can travel to all these very cool places and see these beautiful people outside of a phone screen. I also love to travel, that’s something I love about tour as well. It inspires my songwriting and inspires me as a person, I learn a lot. »

In fact, he is very close to his followers, talking to them on the internet through hashtags like #SelfiesForSeb or ‘face to face’ with facetime calls. His regular posts make him relatable in many ways, something teenagers are on the lookout for when it comes to supporting someone.

The growing artist also has lots of plans in terms of music and says he is “very excited to keep working on [his] career and building the sound that [he] want[s] to put out”, so be on the lookout for his announcements!

Sebastian Olzanski is definitely on his way to having a brilliant career, as demonstrated by what he considers his best moments so far: performing alongside Meghan Trainor, in front of over 20k people, at the CCME Coca-Cola festival and selling out his own show in Argentina, his hometown, in less than a minute.

To conclude our interview, he gave a piece of advice to teenagers wanting to make a living out of their passion:

« Never give up. A lot of people will stop working towards their passion way too soon when there is so much time to keep developing and achieving those goals. You just need to work as hard as you can and if you really want something, you will achieve it with giving it 110%. »


Special thanks to Victoria Hamersky for connecting me with Sebastian.

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