Hues of Change

June 12, 20171 min read

I wrote a poem just like this when I was eleven. I spent hours and hours looking through files on my laptop and Google Drive trying to find it, but it was nowhere to be found. Sometimes, one thing must end for another great thing to start. I know that my writing has changed over the years and my knowledge has expanded along with my experiences. So instead of forgetting about the first real poem I ever wrote, I decided to write another.

I moved from Vietnam to the United States when I was four years old. Now I’m fifteen. This is a poem about immigration, and while the media may portray it as a gruesome process (which at times it most definitely is), in the end, it is simply a change, and sometimes, change can be beautiful.

Busy streets and loud vendors

Small feet against the pavement

Leaves floating in the midst of the noise

Motorbikes weaving through crowds of people

Sweet sugarcane juice

The sound of culture loud and sharp



Head full of wonder and confusion

Fingers gripped tightly

Heavy hearts and light suitcases

Legs swinging off the seat

Eyes glued to the window


Fresh and clear

Words with sound but no meaning

Tall buildings lined the streets

Sun soft and warm

Reassurance through touch

Colors swept across the sky

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Rita Nguyen

Rita is a 15 year old Vietnamese-American writer, democrat and social activist from Los Angeles, California. On her free time, Rita enjoys exploring the city and reading. She has an endless list of goals and aspirations but ultimately wants to major in Political Science and turn her passion for social justice into a career.

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