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I See You. I Promise I See You.

April 20, 20172 min read

The reason for me writing this poem originally stemmed from the Netlfix show “13 Reasons Why”, but I later came to understand that my words were meant for far greater. For the past few yeas, I have struggled with the feeling that I mattered to no one in the world and I thought what better way for people to hear than to write something that others can relate to.

I see you.

You may think no one sees the hurt that is stained across your face, but I promise you that I see you. Your physical being is existent, but your mind is not there. You look at yourself in the mirror and all you see is years of past hurt and possibly even years of future suffering.

You think no one can understand the moments where you contemplate your very existence. You think whenever life becomes to unbearable that you will be swept away and no one will notice if you’re not there. You think that living is too much and that everyone around you would be better off if you were gone.

Before you get to wondering if life can ever get better, just know that I see you. I see you for more than where you stand. I see you for more than how you look. I see you for more than the circumstances that surround you. I see you because I know that you are worthy of being noticed. I see you because I know that your existence is far more important than the hurt that tries to bring you down.

To the person that feels they aren’t noticeable or that life is just passing them by and no one can see them, just know that somebody sees you and appreciates you being here. You may feel that no one cares about how you feel or that you even exist, but trust me when I say you are far more important than you realize. Don’t ever feel like your well-being doesn’t matter. You are worthy of being here and I hope that resonates with you because I promise I see you.

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