I Wish To Be Transcendent

January 31, 20181 min read

Someone who is transcendent may be perceived as extraordinary and divine. This is a poem about wanting to be extraordinary, both for yourself and so that other people will take notice of you.

I wish to be transcendent,
like the moon over the sea;
I wish to be a face so unforgettable,
that you would look at me.

I wish to be untouchable,
but desirable all the same –
like a star that burns too brightly,
like a goddess inside a frame.

I wish to be infamous –
to be heaven’s favourite guilty pleasure.
I wish to be so notorious,
that you could not ignore me
if you wanted to.

I wish to be intoxicating,
like the wine falling down your throat —
to make you forget that the glass in your hand
is what is making you choke.

I wish to be transcendent,
like a constellation set free;
I wish to be a mind so unforgettable,
that you would stay with me.

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Niamh Parr

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