Now Reading: Nina Dobrev Posts Photo With Johnny Depp While Claiming Support for Time’s Up Movement


Nina Dobrev Posts Photo With Johnny Depp While Claiming Support for Time’s Up Movement

January 31, 20182 min read

Since the start of 2018, many women have been bringing to light issues that they face, such as harassment, discrimination and abuse. With the popularity of the #MeToo trend and Time’s Up movement, gender equality is a prevailing topic that is being discussed more often.

Many Hollywood actresses, including Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, have recently been called out for their hypocrisy regarding their Women’s March speeches, as they contradicted their words by failing to rescind their support for alleged rapists and pedophiles such as Woody Allen.

The newest addition to this group of hypocrites is actress Nina Dobrev, who is under fire for several photos she has posted on her social media accounts. The actress posed with Johnny Depp, and individuals were quick to call her out on her actions.

What makes this worse is that Dobrev’s current profile picture on Twitter and Instagram is the Times Up logo. Time’s Up is powered by women who hope to address inequality and sexism in the workplace.

A crucial component of Time’s Up is to combat harassment and abuse. It’s clear that with Dobrev posting a photo alongside Johnny Depp — an alleged abuser to ex-wife Amber Heard — she does not understand the importance and significance of this movement.

This is an prime example of performative “white” feminism in Hollywood; how certain individuals are only willing to stand up for feminism and gender equality only when it’s convenient. When expressing their support for an organization like Time’s Up, celebrities need to completely understand what the organization stands for.

Celebrities like Dobrev need to make sure that their actions comply with what they stand for and not just change their profile photos to the Time’s Up logo, because everyone else is doing it. Hollywood hypocrites need to stop supporting alleged abusers and rapists and instead call them out for their actions.

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Sahar Fatima

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