Now Reading: “I’m gay” — X Factor Star Honey G Comes Out


“I’m gay” — X Factor Star Honey G Comes Out

August 11, 20172 min read

Congratulations, Honey G! 

X Factor star Honey G (Georgette Gilford) has came out in a recent interview/photoshoot with The Sun.

“I do worry about homophobia,” She tells The Sun. “I feel now is the right time to let everyone know that I’m gay.”

“Obviously I get worried about homophobia because there are a lot of homophobic people out there. They might not like it. So I was worried about that.”

Honey G who received her fair share of backlash during her time on the show made it to week 8 of the British Talent show, recently began her independent record “H To The O Music” and in June released her single Hit You With The Honey G

Honey told the Sun “I have been very maternal the whole of my life. I have wanted kids since I was 19. but I don’t just want to have kids on my own. I want to make sure that I’m with someone in a long-term serious relationship.”


““I just wasn’t ready to come out to the public, you know?”


Honey G rejected the chance to appear on Celebrity First Dates, admitting “I didn’t want to come out that way. I would rather do it this way.”
She plans to rap about her sexuality and hopes it doesn’t have an impact on her chance of becoming a hip hop star.

She says: “It would be amazing because I’m kind of at the stage now where I really want to create some options for myself. I’m 36, my biological clock is ticking,

“I’m at the point now where I’m ready to settle down properly. Yeah I want to find The One.”

You can read the full interview here (theres low-key a nude photoshoot of her, just a little warning) and watch her single Hit You With The Honey G here!

All of us here at Affinity hope the best for Honey G, and wish her a happy future.

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