In an Island of Desolation

December 9, 20172 min read

The process of finding one’s self is somehow difficult. It is tedious to do so; however, when done, it is definitely fulfilling. Personally, I consider desolation as an art. It helped me find myself. It helped me answer inquiries about my loneliness. The key to finding art in desolation is to love yourself. Always love yourself.

Whirlwind of emotions are stirring inside her;

She can’t control the turbulent wave of feelings.

There, in the island, she is trapped and desolated

As she tries to find her company.

The abysmal emptiness is beginning to cripple,

Rushing until it gets in her system.


The island welcomes her stay.

However, she realizes the place was haunted,

Tormented by curses from yesterday.

Will she find an escape? Will she run away?


“Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!” The clock is ticking.

The time to save herself from the doomed island has come.

Will she save herself?

She hopes so, for all she has is herself.


Her vision comes full circle.

She finally made a decision.

She realizes she has to save herself from trouble,

Because the world needs more of her.

Surges of sentiments come forward

As she endeavors to find art in her loneliness.

Being alone is not a masterpiece after all,

But she promises to always live still.


“Keep going,” she always told herself.

If ever she finds herself in that island again,

She hopes not to overstay.

The dismal desolation is disturbing.

On the other hand, she finds herself along the process;

She needs to love herself first,

That is the lone answer to escape the island.

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Ricaella Reyes

an 18-year old science major who loves scribbling thoughts about life and everything in between; a medical doctor slash writer aspirant who keeps on being unfazed in this cynical world