It’s Not Your Fault I Left

September 25, 20172 min read

I’ll admit, it was hard to find a proper way to explain this poem. I’d found motivation to write this when writing about a wildhearted character who doesn’t necessarily have a story yet. When writing this girl, I realized that I can connect with her in this wildhearted way, and it brought me back to a past relationship when I almost felt like I had a leash I knew I could break but didn’t. The last two lines in this poem are from a piece of dialogue about my character, and I really connected with it. This character is a branch of myself I wish I could be in another life, so I wrote this motivated by her and inspired by a heavy time in my life.

It’s not your fault I left.

It’s not your fault that

we loved,

we laughed,

we lived,

was actually:

We loved each other,

we laughed alone,

we lived in one another.

I love everyone.

I laugh with everyone.

I don’t live a lonely life.

I became we.

We are loving.

We are laughing.

We are living.

We, we, we.

When I finally realized

we should be I

and you should be

someone I love with,

someone I laugh with,

someone I live with,

not the

only one I love with,

only one I laugh with,

only one I live with.

I was always destined for adventure.

It’s not your fault I left,

it’s your fault I didn’t say goodbye.

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