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IYVES Talks Her Luxuriously Lavish Music Video For “Gold”

June 30, 20197 min read

We’ve all been waiting for IYVES to release something new after her debut EP Chromatic dropped in 2018, and our wishes have finally been answered. IYVES has the type of voice that you doubly appreciate when you’re in the mood for intricate, picturesque lyricism and strong but equally relaxed vocals, so it comes as no surprise that this talented singer-songwriter is rapidly gaining popularity.

She started her new era of music with a bang when she released her song “Gold”, soon followed by an acoustic version of the same title. Since then, IYVES has been hard at work on new music — and the official music video for “Gold” has been one of her most recent projects.

I was given the chance to chat with IYVES about the visually pleasing “Gold”.

“Gold” is a very lavish, over-the-top music video. What was your biggest inspiration behind the visuals? 

The concept of the video was to have a group of people come together who have been constrained and have held themselves back and finally have their true desires unleashed by the enchantment of a divine feminine being. The idea was to challenge that taboo of desire and sensual indulgence. The song speaks of finally feeling gold after only have experiencing silver. And I as the dinner host have this opportunity to pass this gift off to my dinner guests. It’s meant to be seen as euphoric, over the top, much like the first experience of true pleasure. We purposely set it to be in no specific time era because we wanted to illustrate a feeling that has existed for years and years but still holds relevance for today.

Image courtesy of Tallulah PR & Management

What was the filming process like?

We shot the video in one (full) day! It was such a fun production because it was such a large cast of talent. We actually shot the music video in the restaurant my creative director and I came up with the concept. It just felt like the right mood and ambiance we were looking for.

Why did you want to release an acoustic version of “Gold”? 

I believe when you can hear the song more stripped down it lends itself to be seen and heard in a new light — The mood, lyrics, melodies can take on a new meaning, or be received in a different way than the full production, etc — it can even feel more honest at times. Gold is a song that is about a very personal and vulnerable experience so putting out a more stripped down, bare track made a lot of sense for this song in particular.

When did you realize that you wanted to become a singer?

I’ve been singing since I was very young. It became very clear early on that this was going to be my pursuit in life. I went on to study at Berklee College of Music after high school and then moved to New York to really make my way as a professional.

Do you write any of your music?

Yes, I write all of my music!

Image courtesy of Tallulah PR & Management

What does the songwriting process look like for you?

I often begin my songwriting with melodies and topline ideas and then the lyrics and track sort of build around that initial concept and take on a life of its own.

What’s the toughest part about being a singer?

This is definitely a tough pursuit! It’s a gift to get to share my art and creativity but it requires a lot of me and total vulnerability. There are times that I know I need to take a step back and breath, live, experience, recharge so that I can give an honest and clear message. I have found that self-love and forgiveness are at the forefront of my experience as a singer.

Who do you look up to in the music industry?

I really admire artists like Solange and Janelle Monae who take their craft and bring different dimensions to it. They both bring different mediums of art into their music, whether it be visual art, film, fashion to really give the listener and viewer and powerful and immersive experience.

Who would your dream music collaboration be with?

I would love to collaborate with Anderson Paak. He is so multi-talented and just seems to have the best vibes!

If you weren’t a singer/musician, what would you be?

I’d probably do something in psychology. I am fascinated with the mind and how we function in our day to day lives. Our human minds are so incredibly powerful and intricate and I’d love to dive deeper into that.

Is there anything that you can tell us about your potential new music? 

I have a lot of new music in the pipeline. The music and messages are bigger and that much more realized. This body of work is some of my favorite stuff I’ve written yet. I can’t wait to share it.

Stream “Gold” on Spotify, or watch the music video on YouTube.

You can find IYVES on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Featured image courtesy of Tallulah PR & Management

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