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Troye Sivan Digs Deep in His New Song “The Good Side”

January 19, 20184 min read

Troye Sivan has debuted his second song of the year ‘The Good Side’ just one week after the release of his highly anticipated single ‘My My My!’. The singer himself has said that the track is one of his favourites on his second album, set to be released this spring.

“The people danced to the sound of your heart; the world sang along to it falling apart.” — The Good Side

Told from Troye’s perspective after a breakup that he went through, the song navigates the complexities that came with the end of the relationship. Troye says that he ended up on ‘the good side’ of things where he found someone new, turned singing into a therapeutic experience and used his tour as an escape, whilst his former lover was left behind, heartbroken. Yet the song is not one of complete devastation. The more melancholic elements are paired with strong feelings of both care and optimism, leaving no hint of bitterness anywhere — there is only a genuine desire for things to get better.

“But I sympathise, and I recognise, and baby I apologise that I got the good side.” — The Good Side

Talking about the song with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Troye revealed that ‘The Good Side’ is “a letter to express apologies and sympathy” — an outlet for him to explain that things didn’t go the way that he’d planned for them to, and that he would change what had happened if he could. He says he’s hoping that the song will serve as a cathartic experience for both of them.

Troye Sivan talking about ‘The Good Side’ with Zane Lowe – Credit: Beats 1

The release is nothing like anything we’ve heard from the ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ singer before. The synth-heavy beats that we’re used to from him have been replaced by a soft acoustic backing and stripped down vocals, leaving Troye’s voice completely exposed, raw and vulnerable, and creating space for the plethora of emotions that the singer is feeling to be conveyed in the most genuine and sincere of ways. This makes the track incredibly moving, to say the least. It’s almost as though Troye is releasing a breath that he’s been holding in for far too long, letting out pent-up thoughts and feelings as well as asking for understanding, in the hope that the two of them might be able to reconcile one day.

“You taught me the ropes, and you taught me to love.” — The Good Side

‘The Good Side’ is undeniably one of Troye’s most honest songs to date — it’s one that’s come straight from the heart. He’s put everything out into the open, managing to capture so much raw and real emotion brought about by an endlessly complex and ultimately wearing situation. It’s a truly powerful track — one about nostalgia and heartbreak, but also one full of healing and hope for the future. It makes you feel so strongly and so deeply, confusing your emotions and leaving you with a strange sense of the bittersweet, somehow simultaneously breaking and mending your heart. ‘The Good Side’ is nothing short of phenomenal and is a true testament to Troye both as an artist and as a person.

Stream ‘The Good Side’ here.



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