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Just Another Black Girls Rock Poem

May 24, 20172 min read

This is a little poem I wrote just about being a black girl while throwing in a few subtle hints at the unwavering problems black people, most specifically black women face within the United States, nonetheless the world. So this poem is to all my fellow black girls. All I ask of anyone who reads this is to embrace the skin you’re in and flourish because you are worthy of endless praise

skin like melted chocolate

melanin the shade of mahogany

a black girls skin has never lacked monotony

even when a black girl speaks

its like magic flows from her lips

meanwhile the essence of fertility sways

with her wide sashaying hips

black girls no longer cower from the sun

because they fear they’ll only get darker

black girls are no longer putting on bb bleaching cream

after their showers

black girl…

don’t be afraid to be a black girl

“so, what’s this another carefree black girl,

another member of “Shea Butter twitter”,

another “rub coconut oil on my scalp” b****h

promoting being black

as if it was a choice?

as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread?”

as if by 2017 people would get it through head that

embracing being black is not a bad thing!

“it’s tiring” they said

“everyday hearing shouts of ‘my black is beautiful’

on every social media seeing #blacklivesmatter”

i believe it’s more tiring for people to think i am less

because the complexion of my skin

because my hair defies gravity

because my butt is naturally bigger

because my body is shaped like an hourglass

because i am versatile beyond belief

but where there is versatility there is value

and where their is value black women were there

black women were there…. first

so yes, black girls do “do it better”

and black girls of all shades are winning

and yes it is rude to ask what i’m mixed with

as if black alone couldn’t be this magnificent

at the end of the day

this is just another black girls rock poem

and i hope that they keep being written

until the day someone starts listening.

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