Now Reading: Keiynan Lonsdale Releases New Queer Anthem Amid ‘Love, Simon’ Success


Keiynan Lonsdale Releases New Queer Anthem Amid ‘Love, Simon’ Success

April 2, 20184 min read

After its release two weeks ago, the LGBT romantic comedy “Love, Simon” has earned over $24 million at the box office.

Keiynan Lonsdale plays Bram Greenfeld and has had previous roles in The CW’s “The Flash” and in the Australian television show, “Dance Academy.” 

Lonsdale is openly queer, after originally coming out as bisexual in an Instagram post almost one year ago.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lonsdale spoke of his coming out experience and discussed how his role in “Love, Simon,” helped him feel comfortable with his sexuality. The 26-year-old actor had previously came out to his castmates on “The Flash.” However, while filming “Love Simon,” Lonsdale did not disclose his relationship with another guy to anyone on set.

From an internal frustration, Lonsdale explained to a friend:

I don’t know why I’m so scared. I’m on a LGBT film, playing this character, there’s a gay director, everyone is so supportive. I couldn’t be in a better environment.

On the last day, while getting drinks with the cast, he finally told them and received an outpouring of support. Just weeks after, Lonsdale came out online.

Being out has given him a much-needed voice in the LGBTQ+ community as both an actor and musician. In the past, Lonsdale released two original singles, as well as numerous posts of song covers on his Youtube channel.

However, none are quite as honest as “Kiss The Boy.”

In an interview with Billboard, Lonsdale explained how he was inspired to write this groundbreaking single.

The teaser for ‘Love, Simon‘ had dropped on YouTube and then for some reason, I don’t know why, the song ‘Kiss the Girl’ from ‘The Little Mermaid’ popped up on my feed.

Lonsdale described how the moment motivated him to do a cover of “Kiss the Girl,” but with an added change of kissing “the boy”–not “the girl.” When the idea didn’t work out, he honed in on his excitement of the “Love, Simon” trailer along with his own experiences. Instead of a cover, he created his very own single.

Lonsdale also told Billboard that “Kiss The Boy,” was one of the easiest songs he’s had to write.

I had so much to draw off, with the movie, my own personal life and every relationship I’d been in and other people’s stories that they’d told me.

The lyric video is equally as inclusive and heartwarming as the song itself, which was uploaded on March 28.

After accepting video submissions from fans, Lonsdale was able to compile a video showcasing love in its purest form. The video features couples from all backgrounds and areas on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

The video introduces a predominantly young audience to the dynamics of all types of love at a great time.

The same way “Love, Simon,” reassured Lonsdale’s confidence and decision to come out, hundreds of teenagers can turn to “Kiss The Boy,” and the eventual album, for love and acceptance.

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