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Ever since I saw a boy band tribute earlier this summer, I can’t help but feel that around every corner all I hear are songs by the likes of the Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees (thanks, mom). But I can’t be the only person realizing the lack of boy bands in the current music scene, right? Ever since the start of One Direction’s “hiatus”, it seems that no other band has stepped up due to the fact that once a new group of teenage boys pops up, mainstream media can’t get enough of calling them “the new One Direction!” While not everyone finds that comparison to be a terrible thing, it is important to know that these band’s goals are to make their names known, not to be the new version of anyone else. With that said, meet PRETTYMUCH!

This group is made up of five boys from places all across North America including North Carolina, New Jersey, and Canada as well as New York and Texas. In order, they are Edwin Honoret, 18, Austin Porter, 19, Brandon Arreaga, 17, Nick Mara, 19 and Zion Kuwonu, 17.

Their career as a boy band started when Simon Cowell put them together a couple at a time, in a house in California. Their talent, however, first appeared on Instagram with short dance videos and covers that showed off their strong harmonies. Let it be known that when I say dance videos, I mean these guys can seriously dance, and they definitely are not shy about it.


The video above features them dancing to their debut single, Would You Mind, which was released early last week. They describe their style of music as the kind that makes people want to get up and dance, and by the sound of this single, I think they are doing a pretty good job of accomplishing that. In an interview with HollywoodLife, they dished about how excited they are to see the reactions to Would You Mind from both their fans and anyone who happens upon it. They were also asked about an album or an EP being released anytime soon, to which they replied that putting out singles is their number one priority at the moment since they want to begin performing as soon as possible. They also teased an upcoming collaboration with French Montana that has already been recorded (at least on French’s end).

The boys are hard at work with promoting their music and getting ready to release a few more singles. If you love their song, check out their Youtube channel where they post covers, dances, and Q&As to learn more about their fun personalities. Also, follow them on Instagram and Twitter to be updated on performances and other events. Get to know them before they get big!


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