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Meet Upcoming Rapper Scott Brown

April 24, 20172 min read

Meet Scott Brown

Hailing from the “Land of the Screw” and “Home of the Trill”, Scott Brown stands as one of the most promising acts to be representing Houston. Coming off a successful project released in the latter part of 2016, “FREE GAME”, Brown delivers fresh vibes for 2017 with a new single titled “2PLAYA”. While finishing his senior year at the illustrious St. John’s University in NYC, Brown is poised to make a huge splash in the NY/TX hip hop scene in 2017.

Listen to Scott Brown’s music right here. Make sure you follow him on Twitter also.

What inspires you to write your music?

“Mostly my everyday life and experiences, and being from such a hip hop cultural hot spot like Houston, the city definitely provides a lot of energy and motivation to put on for the South.”


Who is the biggest rap influencer to the music you write?

“Man, It’s impossible for me to name only one. I grew up listening to a lot of great music from different eras that influence the music I make today, but I can say the 3 main major influencers you can find in a Scotty Brown project will be as follows: Kanye West (College Dropout Era), Dom Kennedy, Cam’ron”

What makes you different from all the other rappers getting into the rap scene?

“I make original music, I have a style that is my very own that separates me from a lot of “clone-like” rappers we see jumping in the industry today. I pride myself on making easy-listening raps with lifestyle/relatable content, which allows me to reach and relate to a much larger audience than most rappers.”


What can we expect from you in the near future?

“A lot of new records on the way, specifically a new single dropping early May. Also, my team and I are working on a show schedule to expand the wave throughout New York and the East coast. So come show love and definitely be on the lookout for Scotty Brown performing in your city or borough in the near future.”

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