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An Open Letter to Larry Shippers: Your Shipping Has Gotten Out of Hand

April 24, 20175 min read

Dear Larry Shippers,

Since the formation of One Direction in 2010, we’ve been able to study the individual friendships between all five (now four, since Zayn left) boys, and how they interact with each other. One of these friendships is between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, also known as “Larry Stylinson”. It all started with interactions on their X Factor video diaries. These were both physical and verbal. Soon enough, the two moved in together, which further fueled your rumors they were dating. For a time, it was cute, with even Louis’ late mother getting in on the action.

But then, it got old.

In 2012, the number of interactions between Louis and Harry shrunk, and Louis began his attempts to shut down your rumors. These attempts included interviews and directly tweeting fans. Unfortunately, he failed at getting the message through to most of you. You’ve since come up with numerous theories, and taken your shipping to even further extremes. The tweets denying Larry? Written by their management, according to you all. Louis and Harry stand next to each other during a photoshoot? They must be getting ready to come out. Their tattoos? According to you, they coordinate and are their way of hinting their relationship to the fans. Even Harry’s recent Rolling Stone interview, which was released over a year after the break started, was deemed fake to you.

I would know this, because I am a former Larry shipper, and I, at one point, believed many of these theories too. 

Now, I’m not here to confirm or deny that any of your theories are real. No one knows, except Louis and Harry themselves. And that’s their business. Your harassing and stalking them online until they “come out” is downright disrespectful. If they are or were together, they clearly don’t want people to know. If you “want what’s best for them”, as you claim to, you’d leave them alone. Do not, DO NOT, try to out them yourselves. Just because they’re famous, doesn’t mean they aren’t (in theory) an LGBT+ couple subject to homophobia. They could lose friendships, relationships with family, and even fans.

Finally, let’s address your attitudes towards the girls they date. Everyone they’ve dated — Eleanor Calder, Danielle Campbell, Briana Jungwirth, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, etc. — have been minimized to nothing but “beards” (girls hired to date a famous man to hide his sexuality). Even if they’ve been famous since before their relationships — as is the case of Danielle — you refuse to acknowledge their careers and success.

Many of you call yourselves feminists but continue your behavior towards these women. Of course, there are bigger problems in the world that may lead you to call yourselves this. However, you still look hypocritical when you call yourselves feminists, but harass Danielle for being caught sunbathing topless or Briana for having Louis’ child.

Speaking of Briana, you’d think you would draw the line at going after Freddie, who’s a child. That wasn’t the case, however. You targeted Briana throughout her pregnancy and insisted she was faking it. Even after Freddie was born, you still continue to go after the two, tracking how she talks about motherhood and saying he is someone else’s child. Whether or not any of these are true, you still need to leave them alone. This is a CHILD you’re going after.

But when Larry shippers get called out on their behavior? Instead of condemning your fellow shippers’ actions, most of you cover up for them, either by insisting not all Larry shippers act like that (then prove it, by leaving these people alone), or saying the girls should’ve expected this behavior when they “signed the contract” (so they don’t have feelings just because they’re dating someone you think is gay?).

I’m aware I can’t stop everyone from shipping Larry. And that’s okay. Just keep your shipping to fanfiction, art, and cute headcanons. Don’t harass the boys or their girlfriends to get what you want.


A Former Larry Shipper

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