Now Reading: Missguided Are Using Confident And Diverse Models To Represent What It Means To Be Perfectly Imperfect


Missguided Are Using Confident And Diverse Models To Represent What It Means To Be Perfectly Imperfect

December 17, 20174 min read

Many people may be wondering why untouched models are such a big deal in todays society. It makes sense to be confused, I mean, what really makes a plus size model different from a petite model? Why are stretch marks, tattoos and body hair seen as imperfect qualities to have as a woman? It’s about time the fashion industry as a whole stopped ignoring the fact that not all women have the same body type. Even though the clothing industry has been showing major improvements in showing diversity like Aerie’s untouched lingerie campaign, Target’s #TargetSwim campaign and Asos’s swimsuit campaign, it is still a trend that is not catching on fast enough.

Recently, Missguided released a new campaign with the hashtag #MakeYourMark as a part of the #KeepOnBeingYou movement which was launched in October and is endorsed by fashion and internet personality Baddie Winkle.

Despite Missguided not being the first to use untouched pictures, their message for women is one that is genuine and is packed with attitude and empowerment. Unlike other fashion retailers that aim to use “diverse” models in hopes to gain positive attention from the media, Missguided is one that uses models who are full of activists, personalities, and generally bad*ss women who fit Missguided’s image perfectly.

Among these models are Emily Bador, a model and body positivity activist who supports all women whether they be cisgendered, trans, or whatever race, class, body type and sexuality. Jade Laurice, an illustrator, blogger, designer and model who promotes female empowerment and self-confidence. Felicity Hayward, founder of fashion brand Self Love Brings Beauty who believes “flaws do not exist. Netsai Tinaresse Dandajena or Tinar for short, is an African model on a journey to inspire women around the world. Nylo is a writer, member of an all-girl collective Pxssy Place, and girl power activist who believes in representation and body confidence. Sam Roswell is an award nominated fashion, food and lifestyle blogger on a mission to inspire women to love their bodies. Nelly, a fashion lingerie and body confidence blogger who’s aim is to inspire “babes” around the world to do what makes them happy. Ally is an artist who explores ethnicity and strives to encourage others to be proud and love who they are without conforming to European beauty standards.


The ads that feature all these inspiring women has received an immense amount of support from social media which in result has increased UK visits on the site by 20% and U.S visits by 12%.

Missguided is doing their part in representing diversity and women in the right way. Young girls seeing these campaigns will normalize their flaws and know that it is okay to not fit into society’s version of perfect. Hopefully more fashion brands will step out of their comfort zone and aim for change by using models who represent what it means to be confident.

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