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Four Affordable and Stylish Stores For Plus Size Teen Girls

May 27, 20175 min read

Plus size teen girls often struggle finding clothes that are stylish yet affordable. Plus size clothing is either too expensive, too old-looking, or too ill-fitting. This article will give plus size girls an idea of where the best place is to shop for certain clothing items, such as jeans, shorts, blouses, bodysuits, and bralettes.

1. Forever 21+

Forever 21+ offers a wide variety of plus size clothing, although I have only tried a select amount. The jeans at Forever 21+ are okay — they wear very easily, and sometimes it feels like every bump and curve is highlighted by how tight and stretchy the material is. I have two bodysuits from Forever 21+ and I love both of them, I’ve had them both for three years and they hold up just fine between wash and wear. Denim shorts have been a near-miss for me, with only finding one pair in the five years I’ve been shopping there. The shorts I have are ripped and have frayed bottoms, and while they’re not my most comfortable pair because of the length (I’m 5’9” so they’re a little short on me), I wear them when I’m not going to be walking for a long period of time. I have two dresses from Forever 21+ as well, and while the one I have from three years ago is short and always has been, the one I bought a few months ago is definitely longer and covers more. Prices at Forever 21+ are reachable, and the quality of the clothing has definitely improved in the last couple years.

2. Charlotte Russe Plus

Charlotte Russe’s plus size section has become my favorite in the past year or so. I definitely prefer their blouses to their jeans, though, because just like Forever 21+ jeans, they wear easily and are tight. I have two bodysuits from Charlotte Russe plus and I absolutely love them. The material is a nylon-rayon and they’re comfortable and so, so cute. I’ve had more of a hit with dresses here because they’re longer, but as for jumpsuits, it’s a no-go. I tried on a jumpsuit I ordered for a friend’s birthday party last year, and it ripped at the bottom-curve of my back despite being my size and fitting otherwise perfectly. I’ve bought blouses from Charlotte Russe plus that are my favorites in my closet, and they don’t shrink or get worn out easily. The prices are fairly reasonable, and Charlotte Russe tends to have a lot of sales as well.

3. Rue21 Plus

The only thing I’ve bought from Rue21 is bralettes, and I absolutely love them. They’re halter bralettes — one in plum, one in grey — and are the cutest, most comfortable thing I’ve worn. I definitely recommend them as an accessory to any outfit. Looking online, though, I definitely plan to order from them soon.

4. Marshalls/TJMaxx

Usually, I only go into Marshalls or TJMaxx with my mom to help her find clothes, but I for sure recommend going to your local Marshals/TJMaxx store to find jeans. I have four pairs of jeans from here, brands D.Jeans and Kensie Jeans, and they are amazing. They’re comfortable and are definitely a good fit. The material isn’t too stretchy and tight and are perfect for any and all occasions. I also have a denim jacket from D.Jeans which is great. Marshalls and TJMaxx prices are totally fair because the quality of the clothing they sell is fantastic. I also happen to find a lot of blouses, sweaters, and cardigans here.

Lastly, while it’s not a store, I definitely also recommend J.Lo brand jeans — they’re a bit expensive (at least $40/a pair) but totally worth it. I have 3 pairs and they all fit so well, are comfortable, and high quality. J-Lo brand is sold at Kohls, both in store and online.

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