My Biggest Fear Is What?

December 7, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem when I was feeling scared.

Of what? I didn’t quite know until I actually dug deeper into my mind.

Everyone fears at least one thing in their life. At least one.

What did I find out I was scared of when I dug deeper? Read below…

“What’s your biggest fear?” is a question you and many others ask themselves.

Some say heights, clowns, the Kool-Aid man,

But the others say being forgotten, being an outcast, death.

However, for me, it’s hard to explain,

Because not everyone can or will understand.

Why or how will be the question for me after I give them my response.

Let me explain myself.

You are able to control every nerve in my body, stop me from doing an action, make my mouth

release words, have me zone out or pay attention.

You are stubborn, unconfident, and impatient.

You believe you’re not smart, but you are.

Stop doubting me,

Tell me I’m able to do it.

Let me take the chance.


You are the biggest thing that scares me.

I can’t escape you.

No matter how hard I try,

Because you’ll always be a part of my life.

You’re my worst fear and you always creep out of the corner.

Have you caught on?



If you haven’t, well, I don’t blame you.

I am scared of the one and only unique thing in this world,





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Natalie Serrato

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