My Lover Is Faceless

April 5, 20172 min read

In mythology, the tale of Psyche and Eros (who is more commonly known as cupid) is of the saddest. Psyche is taken by Eros to live in his beautiful mansion and is only allowed his company when the sun is carried away. In the dark, she is unable to see her lover, and after a visit from her sisters, she decides that she must sneak a look. Lighting a lamp, she sees Eros lying next to her. Eros awakes and deserts her for Love cannot exist where there is no trust. For much time, Psyche spents her effort proving her love of Eros.

This myth can be compared to the modern day issue of toxinity in relationshops. Psyche was abandoned and punished for her curiosity, while Eros remained loved despite his secretive nature. Similar double standards are very much alive today. Through my poem, I provide a comparison by providing the thoughts of one who is stuck in a toxic relationship due to manipulation by her lover.


Tears fall as you compare me to Psyche.

The same fingers that were meant to aim the arrow are now tracing hearts into my upper thigh.

As your skin makes contact with mine, my mortal desires are met with the memories of the darness that late hours bring.

Roses sit on the side table, whispering to me about the harm that curiosity brings.

I struggle to repress human nature in the presence of royalty unworthy of comparison.

Their predictions are sound waves that I find impossible to escape for I cannot swim if my body is paralyzed.

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Hannah Sanford

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