Ode to the Innocent Ones

May 29, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem two years after the death of Micheal Brown. With the mass media’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the unrest happening in Ferguson, Missouri, I felt lost. I started to forget why we were fighting in the first place. All I saw were my people looting and destroying mom and pop stores, and I thought to myself “What are we fighting for?”, “Why are we so angry”. I was angry. I was hurt. This poem serves as a reminder to why we are fighting, and who we are fighting for.


The famous black hoodie that blurred the line

You had no idea you were going to die

You were young and in your prime

Your mother didn’t even say goodbye

I hope one day he sees

The hollow holes he put in your chest

We are fighting our best

We want justice, please!

We will not stay oppressed

Tray, you can now rest.


They showed us your photo,

But there was no light in your eyes

They let your casket sink low

It is time, we must rise

We must prevail

This is a revolution

We must pull through

We will not fail

We will not stop until we have a solution

Bland, we have not forgotten you


They stole your breath,when you told them you couldn’t breathe

We watched your death

They buried you underneath,

The other slain black men

We knew they lied

They thought we would soon forget

Time and time again

We watched as your children cried

Garner, we are not finished yet.


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