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Our Christmas Gift from Michael: A Review of “Supernatural” Season 14’s Midseason Finale

December 15, 20188 min read

Before we get into this week’ review, it looks like we have to say a temporary farewell to our beloved TV Show. We can all agree that last week’s episode of Supernatural was very tearjerking and after knowing that this week’s episode will be directed by Amyn Kaderali, I was kind of hoping we could get a casual vibe for this episode like episode four. Nevertheless, this episode is the perfect way to end the first half of this season.

This impressive midseason finale starts with the badass return of Michael who is now in a woman’s body (Felisha Terrel) as his vessel and he is plotting to attack Kansas City and changing two werewolves volunteer, one of them is our dearly beloved werewolf; Garth (DJ Qualls) who’s actually the boys’ intel. In order for Michael to turn Garth, he has to drink a mixture of blood and Michael’s grace. Garth, foolishly, plans to trick Michael but Michael outsmarted him. Then Garth continues to eavesdrop Michael and updates the boys about Michael’s movements.

The boys seems to have planned a great attack on Michael. They already got a weapon to send Michael to the the Cage with help from Ketch (David Haydn-Jones), the “egg” where they use on Lucifer once, but it’s currently shipping to the boys and time is not on their side. Gladly, they gain intel of where Dark Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip) and her spear are. The boys then go separate ways; Dean and Cas are going to find Dark Kaia when Sam and Jack are going to get the egg. Dean and Cas get a little trouble on finding Dark Kaia and getting her to allow the boys to borrow her spear but after Dean smoothly persuades her, they get the spear. Meanwhile, it’s all going great for Sam and Jack, well, until Jack gets kidnap by Michael’s vampires, Sam gets hit on the back of his head for the millionth time in the show (seriously, somebody give this boy a helmet!) and Michael casually melts the egg.

Sam rebelliously decides to go to Michael’s place to save Jack alone. Even if he manages to do so, Michael already controls Garth to attack Sam but he manages to knock Garth out. Then Dean and Cas arrive, joins Sam and Jack and they walk casually to ambush Michael as Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” plays in the background (in sync with the glorious part of the song too). As the boys helplessly get beaten up by Michael, Dean finally gets Michael cornered with the spear on his neck but he hesitates to kill him because he starts blurring again and he starts to see flashbacks of him as Michael. When Dean goes back to reality, the woman collapses to the floor and put of nowhere, Dean snaps the spear in half. Michael has once again taken control of Dean’s body by getting through a “crack” he left when he left Dean’s body at the beginning of this season. And so this season’s midseason finale ends with Marvel’s Thanos-like snap as Michael’s command to his monsters to start attacking Kansas City.

This midseason finale is a perfect way to end the first half of the season. I love it how this episode confuses my emotions how it makes us laugh and then mad in such a short amount of time. The scene that makes me laugh so hard is when “Ode to Joy” plays softly in the background when the boys, ironically, gathers the small chances they have at beating Michael and they start strolling casually to fight him. I thought it’s just for a small intermezzo to break the tension but the song actually matches well when Dean calmly says that those chances “feels like home” and the others just chuckle.

The scene that upsets me the most is, of course, when Michael returns to Dean’s body. I know in my previous reviews I wrote that I love Dean as Michael but now I’m really mad because I want Dean to stay as Dean and Felisha Terrel plays the role of Michael beautifully and it makes me want her to keep being Michael. Aside from the rage, honestly, it’s just impressive how that scene comes after the “Ode to Joy” scene — we’re laughing at first and then we’re screaming on the top of our lungs as we watch Dean’s eyes flicker.

I am truly impressed by Amyn Kaderali and Robert Berens ‘s work. They are geniuses and also evil at the same time because of the destruction they did to us. It’s perfectly written and directed. The dialogues are light and funny and they perfectly match the soundtrack to the scenes. Michael’s dialogues are super intense and scary and they also present us with a pretty gloomy but true quote from Cas: “This life may be a lot of things, but it’s rarely happy.”

But of course, the dialogues and scenes won’t be complete with the impressive works of the cast. Felisha Terrel definitely stole the spotlight in this one. Her lines as Michael are so chilling and she delivers it perfectly. She gives me chills when she declares that she can feel her monsters wait for the order to attack the city. Jensen also had scary lines. The scariest and most chilling one is when Dean says that he will be truly happy if Michael is finally dead and he’s the one that kills Michael. So like Jensen always does, he never disappoints on delivering it.

Supernatural will return on January 17th 2019 with a to be announced title and is directed by Amanda Tapping who also played the angel Naomi. Keep checking Supernatural‘s official Twitter and Instagram so you won’t miss any updates.

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