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Patrick Martin Talks ‘Stranger Nights’ Release and Upcoming Projects

May 5, 20199 min read

Since the release of his debut single, “Cinema Love”, Patrick Martin has been hard at work on his music career. The singer graduated from Marquette University in 2016 with degrees in psychology and philosophy but later found his calling in music. Martin’s most recent track, “Stranger Nights”, is a relatable homage to freedom. With a debut album and tour dates set to drop later this year, I chatted with Martin about “Stranger Nights” and his journey to finding music.


Ariel Zedric: You recently signed to B-Unique Records, congrats! Talk about what this step in your career means you!

Patrick Martin: Thank you! This step in my career means more to me than I could ever put into words. My team at the label are the salt of the earth to me, and that matters more than anything else. I’m excited to see where we go on this journey together.


Tell me about the inspiration for your new single, “Stranger Nights”!  

“Stranger Nights” is inspired by that post-relationship experience where you feel a weird sense of freedom. You think you’ll enjoy going out and meeting new people, but it just feels unnatural. The grass is always greener until you’re standing on it and realize it’s Astroturf. I just made that up right now, I hope that hasn’t been said before (chuckled to myself).


In what ways is the song similar to your hit “Cinema Love”? In what ways is it different?

Contextually it is the exiting stage of the relationship discussed in “Cinema Love”. Similarly, it centers around a relationship, but it’s a far more somber version of it. The production will get your feet moving, I’m really excited for people to dance to my music, especially this record!



You’ve opened for some artists already, but there’s some talk about you going on a solo tour sometime in the near future! Talk a little bit about that! What aspect of touring are you most excited for?

Haha, I don’t know exactly when that will happen, but that would truly be a dream for me. Performing just keeps getting better and better and I’m in love with the whole thing. I’m most excited for the small road experiences I have with my team/band, fans, family, etc. There are so many fun times to be had on this crazy journey.


There’s also talk of a debut album, can you tease any elements or messages that will be evident in the arrangement?

A walk through what I call the “Wonder Years”.


Walk me through your music writing process, about how long does it take? Where do you find inspiration in your daily life?

My process is ever-changing. Typically, I write the best lyrics when they come to me while driving or something, but once in a blue moon, I’ll wake up intending to write a great song and it actually happens. I am constantly inspired by everything around me. I probably jot down 10 notes in my phone on a daily basis of ideas for songs or production that come to me while doing rather mundane things.  


Courtesy of Patrick Martin


Explain the personal and professional struggles you’ve encountered in the music industry thus far. How have they molded you?

I’d say my biggest personal struggle is the isolation of Los Angeles. With most of my close friends being on the team, I find myself alone a lot of times whenever I’m not working. A lot of my core, the people who I love most, are back home in Wisconsin. That was a difficult thing to adjust to, not seeing them all the time. As far as professional struggles go, I feel very blessed.  I have certainly had some difficult experiences, but thus far, I have been so lucky to have the greatest team around me.


You graduated from Marquette University with degrees in psychology and sociology, how does your education factor into your role as a musician?

Believe it or not, the experiences I had while getting my education are what have led me to where I am today. It’s all about the people I met along the way. I fell in love, made life-long friends, and grew as a person. I learned a lot about myself and the world in my time at Marquette.


Talk a little about your decision to pursue music after college. Have you ever doubted your choice? If so, what’s kept you going?

I knew I wanted to be a musician when I realized how much passion I lacked in the field I was intending to pursue. I was always incredibly inspired by music, but it wasn’t until this moment that I thought about pursuing it as my career. I actually have never doubted myself as an artist. I truly feel like I was born to do this and what is meant to be, will be.  


Tell me about a moment in your career that has left you extremely proud.

Playing my first international show in London with my parents there. That was so very special to me. They are the most important people in my life, and I was so happy to have them there present.


Courtesy of Patrick Martin


Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

I have so many, but I think my mother is my biggest inspiration. Not just in music, but in life. She sees the world through such a beautiful lens and has taught me to love the little moments, for they add up to your entire life. She has taught me how to treat the world and the people you love. I could go on forever about how special she is, but that wouldn’t even do her justice. She is an angel and I love her very much.


Do you have any advice for aspiring artists in the field? How has your success story panned out?

It’s always hard to give advice without sounding cliché, but their cliché because they’re often true. My advice is to stick to your guns in regard to what music you love to create. Try to keep your blinders on and don’t bite at the quick success storyline. The turtle wins the race in the end, so take your time and perfect your sound. This is the advice I continue to give myself every day.


Any last thoughts?

Thank you for having me, I am humbled by the opportunity to talk about my art and my story.


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