Pride Poems: Indigo

June 14, 20171 min read

This is the second to last piece in the pride poems series. This poem is about serenity and peace and the struggle to find balance in life, whether it be in your own life, throughout a country, or throughout the world.


Separate the harmonies

From the added melodies

The beat is for longevity

The song provides serenity


The agreement between chords

Inside the harmony all issues are stored

There is no room for discord

If you want people to be floored


Harmony is created by peace

Working together with every piece

Agree to disagree at the very least

Time for argument to cease


Harmony is created by cooperation

Coming together from all locations

It doesn’t matter your trade or vocation

If you come together as one nation


The beat may drop or still

But peace is at your will

All it takes is some skill

And harmony is fulfilled


Whether a smooth instrumental

Or a war much less artful

We must not be hateful

That is to increase our struggle


Provide a safe space of love

Lit but sun from above

We mustn’t push or shove

To find peace we’re dreaming of

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Cody Dulis

Cody is a LGBTQ+ writer and artist who spends their time writing, drawing, singing until the neighbors complain, and playing instruments. They live in Pennsylvania and they are 15 years old.