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Ralph Heats Up NYC with Vibrant “Gradience” Tour Stop

February 22, 20223 min read

Who better to bring the heat to New York City in the middle of winter than one of Canada’s brightest stars? Pop sensation Ralph has contributed infectious hooks, effervescent sounds and witty lines to the music scene for over half a decade. In 2021, she dropped her third EP, Gradience, a six-track project that manages to show off the songstress’ range despite its length, with the groove and honesty that the audience has come to expect of her.

On January 29, 2022, Ralph visited Manhattan’s iconic Mercury Lounge for a two-punch, back-to-back show including the best and most favored of her discography. 21-year-old Baker Grace opened the show, opting for a laid-back set including an impressively powerful vocal performance joined by a piano, a guitar and a full house. The audience was excited to dive deep into her sweet and immersive display.


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It was no surprise to the audience that the headliner’s entrance would be full of spunk. Ralph’s presence and showmanship are immediately recognizable, even to those who haven’t been lucky enough to see her live yet. Wearing a fully-pink outfit fit for a pop star who has successfully played around with different sounds and styles, the night kicked off with the catchy high-maintenance anthem “Gimme” from the 2018 album A Good Girl. The opening number hinted at the high-energy to come from the rest of the night’s performances. 

During the hour and 15 minute show, Ralph featured live renditions of 21 different songs from her diverse catalogue. While sharing stories about her failed relationships and context for some of her most beloved lyrics, she exuded warm energy through her music, even when the band wasn’t playing.

Watching timeless tracks such as “Gravity,” “Something More,” “Tables Have Turned,” and RALPH’s most recent hit ‘Tommy” come to life proved to be a fantastic experience, as the singer failed to miss a beat. It’s worth noting that while the immediate attention-grabbing bits of Ralph’s recording history are those centered around the more upbeat vibes, the performer’s ability to swiftly tone down the night and delight her audience with a ballad never results in a dull moment. By the end of the night, one of the first-ever showings of “Gasoline.” which was released only five days prior to the gig, exhibited her complete dominance of the stage. Ralph’s performance cemented the artist as an engaging, rising musician.


You can listen to Ralph’s latest EP “Gradience” now on all streaming platforms.


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