September 3, 20171 min read

A poem to the president about the absolute vileness of his actions.

You whose hands have built up the walls between us

You whose hands sign orders of hate

Why do you praise yourself and raise yourself

When all you have done is make the lives of those without your wealth more grim

When all you have done is boast your incompetence as you speak on a whim

You seem to think that the world is yours

That you may act with impunity

And ignore morality

And while the world sinks into chaos it is you

You who cause rage

You who cause fear

What gives you the right to destroy lives because you don’t like them

What gives you the right to act as a child

Your rants are temper tantrums

Your comebacks level elementary

You should know it takes a blind man who didn’t pass pre-school to see

You’re not fit for the presidency

Concede defeat my man

You may have won but you really lost

All respect and dignity

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