Rosy Retrospection

October 27, 20172 min read

The human tendency to remember (and even exaggerate) the positives from past events, and minimize the negatives, is known as rosy retrospection. We are inclined to judge the past with more lightheartedness than the present, and most things we experience are not as pleasant as we remember them. My fascination of this developed when realizing the truth in this psychological term; it has lead me write this narrative, and wanting to live always looking through rose colored glasses.

I flutter my eyes open. It takes a couple moments to raise I’m standing upright, as I was so accustomed to lying down still. I’m in a place that I know, but it’s as if everything is slightly different—and I haven’t figured out whether or not that’s a good thing. I turn around, and look back, an almost overwhelming sense of ease engulfs me. It’s like something has altered my perspective, everything seems sweet, and worthwhile; the awareness of this makes me want to savor each moment deeply. I step forward, recognize familiarity, but enhanced.

I notice a hazy glow around everything, like how you may picture something in a dream. the window I am gazing back at has almost a pinkish tint, along with everything I see through it. The leaves falling off a branch sway down in playful slow motion. The pristine white birds fly over my head in a V formation, but I interpret it as smile. I can hear rain drops hitting the dirt and pavement, in a soft, musical fashion. As I lean forward to touch the window, I notice the literal positivity radiating from the extremely clear glass. My hand takes on the rosy pink glow of the environment in front of me. This reality is much easier to accept.

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Kellie Toyama

Kellie is a seventeen-year-old girl from Hawaii who adores all forms of modern art, and strives to better herself through education and open-mindedness.