Now Reading: The “Google Arts and Culture” App Will Let You Find Your Art Portrait Doppelganger


The “Google Arts and Culture” App Will Let You Find Your Art Portrait Doppelganger

January 15, 20182 min read

Recently, the “Google Arts and Culture” application released a new feature. Now, the ability to find real portraits through your selfies can be found within the app. The portraits revealed are a whimsical and satisfyingly Instagrammable result.

As someone who considers themselves to be an artist and regularly frequents museums, I can attest to the fact that this service is appealing. Additionally, it is exceptionally easy to use.

First, you must download the application, which is available in both the Google Play and Apple stores. Scroll down and you will be greeted with this screen (pictured below).

Tap the “Get Started” button and you are ready to go. Currently, there is no feature where you can upload a photo to the application. However, you can take a selfie using your front or back camera, whatever your preference. The result can be somewhat buggy, with messages that declare there is a “network connectivity problem” or your photo has “no matches”, so you might have to take more than one picture. However, that problem is a regular occurrence for those who take frequent selfies like myself.

Once you have taken your selfie, you will be presented with portraits that resemble yourself, like the photo below.

To find more photos, just swipe to the right and you will be greeted with others that have varying percentages of matches to your selfie.

This service is not the only one that is available on the app. The “Arts and Culture” application hosts a multitude of amazing features that aim to educate and stimulate creativity.

You can browse an enormous database of artwork through the “Collections” service and those who painted those pieces through the “Artists” section. The experience of seeing beautiful architecture and locations in 3D can be found through the “Explore” feature of the app. Additionally, you can read a thousands of articles on art and recent events regarding art in the “Featured Stories” section.

Truly, the “Google Arts and Culture” presence is one of the best and most informative and exciting service that the company provides and the new feature detailed in this article is only adds to its appeal.

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