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Sailor Alien: Uniqueness and Talent in the Hands of a 20-Year-Old

May 16, 20173 min read

I met Murilo Vital in 2015 as a translator. His unique character won me over ages before I knew him as an artist. However, once I did, it only seemed obvious that such personality would be the artist of incredible creations. Murilo grew up drawing, creating for as long as he could hold a pencil. He started wanting to draw people from copying Cartoon Network characters, being inspired by established artists.

FKA twigs – M3LL155X

In 2013, he started to create realistic designs. Murilo would outline with a regular ball pen and color with regular coloring pencils. Back then, he was still not satisfied with his creations and began searching for new alternatives. Glorifying the clichê “practice makes perfect,” Murilo became to love what he was creating, but still felt like something was missing. He aspired to be unique, to include his own identity into his designs.

Rap Monster from 방탄소년단

After Elliphant and Mø released their “One More” music video, he was inspired to draw them for a fanart. However, just like any other teen, Murilo felt incredibly lazy and decided to pick up a regular CD pen and sketch out his art. Satisfied with his work, he uploaded it to his social medias, tagging them in the hopes of getting the artists to see his work. And they did! The next day, Mø liked it, commented on it, and reposted to her own Instagram. Elliphant, seeing it posted by Mø, posted the drawing to her own Instagram.

Recognition pushed Murilo to keep going, to keep exploring his talent. He kept drawing Elliphant and Mø, having his art reposted by them multiple times, even aftelosingng a cover-art event. Since then, he’s been exploring dotted lines and college-style designs.

Azealia Banks – Wallace

Murilo only became Sailor Alien recently. After years of posting his art online, he decided to combine Sailor Moon and aliens, two unique interests of his, into one. His logo also represents his name, an adorable alien dressed as the iconic character. Murilo likes to keep his drawings clean and minimalistic, focusing on his central creation without diverging backgrounds.

BANKS – Gemini Feed

Don’t miss out on Sailor Alien’s newest creations, from K-Pop, pop, movie starts, and underground artists, Murilo will amaze you with his unique style. Catch up on all of his social media:




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