Snap Crackle Fizz

August 6, 20172 min read

I wrote this poem right before I fell asleep. My mind was wandering and my eyes were searching for something I didn’t know I needed. My wallpaper was peeling. Lines popped into place, a character was introduced, and this poem was born. 


The wallpaper is peeling off my windows

The paint chipping from the carpet on the floor

The bricks of my home are crumbling

Soon my house will be made of dust


The rust in my staircase is leaving sawdust scratches on my fingers

I cannot write with all these bandages

And even as my shaking tentacles wrap around this ink dripping feather

My paper is turning brown


I cannot find my car windows

But a dolls head is rolling down the stairs

Her eyes say open over ever step and never seem to look at me


I am running out of peanut butter to share with the worms

The stars aren’t so bright anymore

I made a noose out of tootsie roll pops


My feet are black as I sit on the dotted yellow line and read my poetry

Waiting for a steamy windowed tugboat to drag me away

They say visitation hours are over

but no one ever came


I love how it’s never nighttime here

However tipped my toes are I can’t find a window to peer out of

There are red lines across my wrists

and they told me that I put my bracelet on too tight


My favorite room to go to is the one that reeks of pain

With all the sounds that fizzle as they put pop rocks in my brain

I ride my duck here every morning

My legs are made of paper mache

The walls are bleeding again

As the wallpaper peels away

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Marlow Saucier

Marlow is a high school sophomore in New England and, among other things, they aspire to be a writer and activist. When NOT with their nose in a book, they can be found eating raw fish, crushing gender roles, making dad jokes, and practicing alternative Wicca. Their Instagram is @m.saucier where they can be easily reached.