Now Reading: Sofi K’s New Single “Ice Cream” Emboldens Women To Be Independent


Sofi K’s New Single “Ice Cream” Emboldens Women To Be Independent

August 8, 20196 min read

18-year-old Detroit artist Sofi K released her new single “Ice Cream” on August 7. The extraordinary pop and R&B artist captured the attention of Prince and Michael Jackson’s producers due to her unique and soulful voice.

Beginning to sing at nine years old, Sofi K released her first solo album at the age of 14. Other than music, she is very passionate about philanthropy—working with several non-profits. The “Best Night” singer is currently in the process of finding her own non-profit, The Four Souls Project, which helps give back to teens in unfortunate circumstances.

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“I have loved music for as long as I can remember, but it all started at the age of four. My parents asked me what I was interested in, and I said I wanted to play the violin.”

Without hesitation, they quickly signed her up for lessons, and she began learning with her dad. After that, she caught a bug and fell in love with the world of music—partaking in musical theater and learning a handful of other instruments, such as the cello, viola, and piano.

Inspired by the late singer Amy Winehouse, she aspires to create music from her heart and to not be afraid of other people’s opinions. She had the opportunity to perform before the screening of “AMY”, the Amy Winehouse documentary at the Traverse City Film Festival—claiming that the experience was unforgettable. She was able to channel her inner Winehouse and felt close to her.

“My first album, LoveHate, consists of various types of pop music. My upcoming album, WAR, is a pop album with various influences: jazz and Motown. In the future, I hope I can explore many different genres including blues, R&B, and jazz.”


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The idea of writing “Ice Cream” came up when K and Bryce Harding, her producer, had the opportunity to write the song in California. “Ice Cream” is unique in lots of ways, but the approach they wrote it did not follow their typical “crafting style,” K stated.

“Bryce and I were messing around and started coming up with random beats. Before we knew it, we had new music for a song that needed lyrics! The rest was history and “Ice Cream” was born.”

Since the pair had been working together for so long, they understand each other very well in all aspects, especially music. Creating “Ice Cream” was kind of like a spitfire session, according to K. “We just threw ideas back and forth at each other, and eventually, it all came together on how we wanted it to be.”

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A very fun and upbeat song, K wants people to be able to move and groove after hearing the single for the first time. “Most importantly, I want my ladies to feel empowered and know that they don’t need a man to make them happy.”

An advocate for feminism, the pop artist believes that knowing you can be yourself without anyone else is an extremely powerful tool. She thinks that her single appeals not just with her generation but to all ages—something that she is proud of. “I think “Ice Cream’s” lyrics and melody blend perfectly together, and I couldn’t imagine a different set of lyrics or music for this song,” K said. “This record is very unique since there is no one song that sounds like the next.”

The artist enjoyed writing and working on the WAR album because she got to explore all aspects of her vocal range and creative styles. “We’ve had a lot of fun playing with the carefree and simplicity of “Ice Cream.”

The title “Ice Cream” reveals the symbolism throughout the song. It’s a fun summer track that reminds ladies that they can do anything and everything on their own if they want to. “I want my fans to know that they should feel empowered and proud of who they are, regardless of who they are surrounded by,” K stated. “I also really hope that people can find the fun in “Ice Cream” and take what they need from my upcoming album.”

Sofi K finished with an inspiring message, claiming that the most important thing about being an artist is staying true to yourself. “Once you allow yourself to be who you are meant to be, it becomes easier to write, create and showcase your cool talents to the world.”


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Featured image courtesy of Sofi K

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