Now Reading: Stop Trying to Control Your Idol’s Love Life — It’s None of Your Business


Stop Trying to Control Your Idol’s Love Life — It’s None of Your Business

October 8, 20174 min read

For celebrities, it’s got to be hard to be in a relationship. They have very little time to spend with their significant other, and privacy is almost impossible. Their love lives are constantly exploited by news corporations and the paparazzi—and fans are able to judge their every move.

With the use of social media, fans can say how they really feel about a celebrity’s relationship— and deal with very little consequences. Unfortunately, this freedom can make them feel confident enough to say rude things about their idol’s significant other; this can include harassment, stalking their social media pages, and even death threats.

Let’s look at a recent example: Harry Styles’ rumored girlfriend, Camille Rowe, has been seen attending a few of his concerts over the past month. This has not sat well with fans of Styles, who’ve taken to Twitter to express their anger:

Unfortunately, Rowe is not new to such words like these. From the beginning of her association with Styles, it’s been clear she isn’t well-liked by his fanbase. Even a video of hers with a male voice who sounded like Styles angered people.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of some past decisions Rowe has made, such as dressing up as a murdered young mother for Halloween. This behavior can come off as disturbing, and I don’t blame fans for disliking her for reasons like these. However, I respect her relationship with Styles and accept that she’s now a part of his life, for the time being, at least.

This article can apply to any fandom. Your idols’ private lives are their own, as are their decisions involving these. You are free to not like everyone they go out with. However, sending their romantic partners hate and death threats is not okay at all.

When I was younger, I was infatuated with a certain male celebrity. I would obsessively go online to see if he was in any new relationships, and despised any girl that went near him. My behavior was definitely toxic and affected my day. Thankfully, I’ve grown up and grown out of this behavior.

It seems, however, some people still have this attitude with their own idols. Any female that goes near a male celebrity is attacked, and it’s almost expected of the idol to stay single forever. This behavior from fans has to stop. It’s controlling, unhealthy, and dangerous. Your idol will most likely settle down at some point. Even if you don’t feel it’s with the perfect person, it has to happen. To put it bluntly, it’s probably not going to be with you. But I hope you’ve figured that out for yourselves by now. I know I had to.

At the end of the day, we don’t know what happens behind closed doors. So let’s stop judging celebrity couples based off of a few pictures or gossip blogs.

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