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The 14 Most Relatable Stages of a Concert

October 8, 20175 min read

1. Finding the Perfect Fit

I’m not talking outfits quite yet, but rather about finding the perfect artist. The best concerts are the ones you scream about when you see the artist is coming to your city (like they are actually going to be in front of you). That’s the absolute elation you want, but it can be hard to find.


2. OMG I’m Actually Buying Tickets!

Wait, they’re how much? Most of these nights involve shuffling a little (or a lot of) money out of your wallet to support an artist that you love. There’s the ever-present question of whether or not you should go at all; but let’s face it, you really want to go. So you take a deep breath and press the checkout button… it’s worth it.


Now’s the time to scream a little bit. You got the tickets! Before they sold out! You’re officially going and you’re absolutely pumped.


4. The Countdown (Dun, Dun, DUN)

Maybe it was a spontaneous impulse buy, or maybe you bought the tickets months in advance. Either way, it’s basically the same feeling as pressing the fast-forward button and wondering why the TV isn’t responding to the remote.


5. Making Plans (aka Procrastination Central)

If you’re going with a group, this is when things get hard. Thankfully, it’s also when things get especially exciting. You get to reconcile yourself imagining the night of the concert and gosh darn is it exhilarating to think about! As you think about how early you’ll arrive, your preferred mode of transportation, your food options (or lack thereof), you come to terms with the idea of creating a night entirely devoted to witnessing something you love.

6. Last Minute Shenanigans

Okay, let’s count how many times we’ve thought about outfits and what will fit in the venue’s designated bag size. Now let’s count how many minutes you have to actually get it ready.



There’s nothing quite like the ride to a concert, blasting your favorite tunes in the car for “last minute studying” and hoping that they’ll play your favorites live. There’s also nothing quite like looking at the massive line outside the venue, which is almost always longer than expected.

8. Tick, Tock…

Depending on what kind of concert you go to or what kind of venue is hosting your artist of choice, this experience may vary. It could mean standing for hours and hours in a line, or it could mean waiting to get your tickets checked so you can get to your pre-assigned seat. Either way, your adrenaline is high and your patience is low.


9. Pre-Opening

Where’s the band? Where’s the opener? Hello, doors opened how long ago?

10. The Opening Act

Sometimes, you strike gold because you love the opening act just as much as the headliner. (Maybe you even went for the opening act.) You’re finally jamming and the music is loud enough to rattle your bones. This is the experience you live for.


11. The Big Heave (Oh, No…)

Oh my, there’s quite a shuffle! After the opening act finishes, everyone bustles around, trying to catch the best angle in a few minutes. Get your elbows out and ready.

12. The Grand Entrance (Oh, YES!)

There’s too much screaming, never enough lights, and then BOOM… the artist of the night is right in front you. It’s happening. It’s amazing. This is what you have been waiting for!


13. Post-Concert Buzz

This often includes turning to the people around you in awe. Did that just happen? Can we do it again? Can they come out for another encore? The majority of the crowd is rushing to the merch table or the exit, hoping to beat lines of impending traffic (and often failing at doing so).

14. Those Three Awful Letters

PCD, more commonly known as post-concert depression. Yes, it’s over. But yes, it happened.


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