Now Reading: #SurvivingCardiB Trends After Rapper’s Admission of Drugging and Robbing Men


#SurvivingCardiB Trends After Rapper’s Admission of Drugging and Robbing Men

March 26, 20194 min read

“Let’s go to this hotel and I drug n****s up and I rob them. That’s what I used to do.”

A video has surfaced of Grammy-award winner Cardi B openly admitting to luring men with sex in order to drug and rob them.

An Instagram Live video of an emotional Cardi B has resurfaced this weekend. The video is from three years ago, and the rapper details her struggle to make it in the industry and the great lengths she’s had to go. At a point in the video, Cardi admits to luring men with sex and then drugging and robbing them in order to make money during her stripping days.

The Bronx rapper gained Internet fame for her out-there personality. In 2014, the viral video “A h*e never gets cold”  starring the star circulated the internet, and the catchphrase is still being used years later. Cardi B joined the cast for the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: New York” in 2015 and began working on her music career.

However, the rapper’s same unfiltered mouth that brought her stardom caused a lot of problems for her throughout her fame. During Cardi’s rise to stardom, videos and tweets from the rapper’s past have continued to surface. People have accused the rapper of being anti-black after finding multiple tweets of the rapper referring to dark-skinned black women as roaches.

Cardi B did not publicly apologize, but instead, this was her response:

The Dominican rapper has also been slammed for referring to Martin Luther King Jr. as a “hoe” in a skit she did for “Wild ‘N Out.” Two of the former Civil Rights activist’s children spoke up about the comments made regarding their father and Cardi in return apologized to the King family. In that same skit, Cardi made racist jokes about Puerto Ricans, Haitians, and Mexicans. The rapper did not make a public apology regarding the offensiveness of the skit towards these ethnicities.

Since the video of Cardi B openly admitting to drugging and robbing men in the past who tried to pay her for sex in order to make money, people have taken to Twitter to express how they feel, starting the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB a reference to the documentary that detailed R&B singer R. Kelly’s long history of sexual abuse allegations.

Most of the reactions are highly critical of the rapper, especially because of her past and the idea that she’s been given too many chances. People have also addressed the double standard and how if she were a man, like in the case of Bill Cosby, repercussions would have already taken place.

However, there are some claiming that this is only fake outrage.

The rapper has since tweeted this since the video began circulating this weekend and has issued a response to the backlash.

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