Now Reading: The 1975 Just Released a Pop-Rock Bop That Critiques Modern Society


The 1975 Just Released a Pop-Rock Bop That Critiques Modern Society

June 5, 20183 min read

After a month of cryptic messages and photos that made me feel like a real-life agent from the X-Files, The 1975 released a new single from one of their two upcoming albums. The first coming out in October, the latter being released sometime in 2019.

Throughout the promotion period before releasing the new single, the band alluded the topics of millennial technology addiction and its impacts. This new era seems to be more didactic than their previous albums: The 1975 or i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. Originally, The 1975 was supposed to be a trilogy of albums–but lead singer Matty Healy decided against that, along with the third album no longer being titled Music For Cars. The new title is A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships.

“Give Yourself A Try” starts out with a loud, obnoxious guitar that is so distorted that resembles a synthesizer. This guitar repeats throughout the song, reading annoying to some or simplistic and effective to others. Matty Healy’s piercing vocals feel because of the powerful guitar. The second verse sticks out the most to me and starts with, “I found a grey hair in one of my zoots / Like context in a modern debate I just took it out / The only apparatus required for happiness is your pain and f****** going outside”.

Making references to the current political culture that omits context and argues for self-serving purposes, while also referencing how simply going outside can create a sense of happiness that technology cannot replicate shows the band is tackling more serious subjects and that their discography won’t be synonymous with cynicism and angst for much longer. When occasional listeners of The 1975 think of them now, songs like “Sex” and “Girls” won’t be the only ones to come to mind.

The chorus is groovy and makes the listener want to dance, whether that be flailing around or just swaying.

“So just give yourself a try / Won’t you give yourself a try? / Won’t you give yourself a try? / Won’t you give?” is simple but appreciated. With heavy content existing in all three verses, listeners can feel a sense of relief and joy with the jumpy chorus. Some may say the song teeters on the edge of sarcastic and pretentious, but if one listens close enough they can appreciate The 1975’s shift in a new direction and adapt with them.

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