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The Artist Ready to Shake the Industry

September 8, 20174 min read

19-year-old Chicago native rapper, Bossbeby is prepared to shake the industry with his Diddy-like flee, Hov-like business mindset and a bossed up sound used as an instrument vocalizing his life experiences. The young artist’s mantra, “Bossed up flexed up from the chest down to the neck up.” is just a preview of the type of standard he holds himself to.

Bossbeby’s young age has not hindered him from creating unique content while steadily making moves through the music industry. From performing all over the country to opening for the young A$AP Rocky affiliate- Playboi Carti, Bossbeby is not one to be overlooked.

The Chicago based artist has created buzz around his name with the consistent release of memorable hits such as “WYO”, “2011 Flow”, “Takeoff Extendo Clip” and most recently his banger, “Scene H*e”. Don’t get me wrong, his music is more than worthwhile but people are not only noticing him because of his cranking sound, it’s his flexing style that accompanies his sound that has people (including me) longing for more. I mean…do you see that coat he has on?!

The rising artist linked up with producer CBBeatz again for his latest project, “135” in an effort to showcase the variety of styles that are the outcome of the two talents collaborating. He is looking to gain a larger fan base with this new project through his versatility, inviting his fan base into his fast-paced, unpredictable life. After having the opportunity to travel the world, he believes that he has gained a certain level of adaptability that allows him to adhere to any situation.

This almost innate ability is part of the reason that he is able to quickly adhere to the ever-changing culture. His keen ability has diversified him, giving him the unbiased, free-flowing mindset that stimulates a lot of his creativity in the studio. He often finds inspiration from influential rock musicians and garners an unconventional approach by studying Broadway musicals. (A classy Beby). The music connoisseur will tell you himself, I listen to all types of music every single genre you can pick and I’ll know at least 3 songs word by word.Music regardless of the genre has emotion and sound and if you appreciate the feelings put into lyrics or you enjoy the intensity/serenity of notes, genre won’t matter.” His overwhelmingly obvious compassion and esteem of the art of music makes me even more of a fan.

Bossbeby’s grind did not stop at the release of “135”, he recently released his electric visuals for “Scene H*e” shot by videographer Velle Vell. Produced by Methbxy, the song starts off with a head bopping, catchy beat followed by bouncy vocals delivered in perfect correlation with the hi-hats and 808’s. I am beyond eager to see what’s up next for Bossbeby but in the meantime, take a look at the Official Video for Scene H*e below.

Go check out his latest single “Scene H*e” and debut album “135” on Apple Music now!

You can find Bossbeby’s music on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram to be the first to hear about his next moves. Don’t sleep!

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