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Oakland Girl With The Sad Eyes: Samaria

August 10, 20172 min read

Samaria aka the “Voicemail Queen” is a developing artist from Oakland who is getting known for her impeccable storytelling skills and ability to evoke emotion through the fluidity of words.

As a member of the Tsunami Mob, Samaria has been exposed to the raw-cut wavy sound and thus, it has heavily influenced her sound. From the alluring eyes to her inviting appeal, Samaria’s lyrics leave us disembodied; longing to learn her truth, feel her pain, understand her struggle. She addresses the difficult conundrums of falling in love with toxicity and being unable to walk away from an injurious liaison, it is powerful. Personally, I feel Samaria in every way possible, it’s an unending struggle to prove your worth in relationships. The need to just be accepted is so great that we rather stay with someone we know isn’t going to feed our soul than to just be alone. It’s the constant parallel between letting someone love you and learning to love yourself. Samaria highlights this internal conflict in her closing song, “Right Now”.

He got my heart in his hand, and my soul in the other
Don’t be stupid, my baby, I tell you this cause I love you
This boy is poison, believe me, he only wants one thing from you
All in the words of my mother
But f*ck it, I think that I love him

Right Now

Photo provided by Rehab Online Magazine

Currently, Samaria has disappeared from the limelight with her Instagram page being taken down, all her twitter posts deleted, so all we have left is her music. We hope she is still making music and planning to release some sounds in the near future but there is no word on any dates. Samaria is a rising star, a young prodigy, an artist using her sound to share an ordinary story from a different perspective.

Get a glimpse into her journey by catching her latest wave titled “The Story of Right Now.”

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Read the stories behind her lyrics on Genius.

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